Conveyor Washer for Automotive Parts – Case Study 23281

Conveyor washer to clean totes and engine blocks
engine block conveyor washer



This is a mass rebuilding factory for one of the large car manufacturers.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

All large components (e.g., engines and transmissions) that require warranty repair are sent from the car dealers to this factory for rebuilding. Cleaning is fundamental to their process.


This Cyberjet C-24 conveyor washer with a 24” wide heavy-duty belt can accept a variety of automotive parts such as engine blocks, transmission cases, camshafts, crankshafts, or basket loads of parts. System includes wash and rinse stages with heated tanks for recirculation and features stainless steel construction, insulation, steam exhaust, heavy-duty filtration, oil-water coalescer, and more.



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