Cleaning Bearing Races for Windmills – Case Study 21486

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments


This company is a leading global manufacturer of highly engineered bearings, alloy steels, and related components and assemblies.

Parts Washing Problem:

They needed to remove grinding coolant, grinding wheel debris, metal chips and excess fluid from wind mill bearing races with through holes and blind holes.  The bearing races range in diameter from 65” – 140” and in weight from 1,000 lbs. – 8,000 lbs. each.

The System/Solution:

This RD-14000-PCS has a 145” diameter turntable with a custom “C”-shaped manifold that swings out and lowers over the bearing race to encircle it on 3 sides.  The manifold underneath the turntable sprays the bearing races from the bottom to ensure that the parts are being sprayed with nozzles from all 4 sides for complete