Better Engineering's Founder

Bill Hiss exemplified “the greatest generation”. Born in 1924, he joined the US Navy when he was 18 and served four years in the Pacific during WW II. He started in business in 1952. Father of three and community activist, Bill Hiss was the patriarch of Better Engineering until his death in 2000.




Automation Integration

robot loaded conveyor washer

Today, Better Engineering designs and manufactures a broad range of machines from compact, single stage systems to complex systems with automation integration like this robotically loaded conveyor washer.


In-Line Cleaning

high speed conveyor with water filtration

By 2010, Better Engineering has established itself as a premier manufacturer of complex in-line cleaning systems such as the conveyor washer shown… this high speed belt washer cleans metal stampings at a speed of 30 feet per minute; the stampings are held between two (2) belts so they can’t move and get scratched as the parts move through six (6) stages.


Worldwide Distribution

Jet Engine Rotors Parts Washer

Better Engineering now has over 50 standard parts cleaning systems, a large engineering staff for customized machinery, a parts-cleaning-lab/chemistry division, and distribution throughout the world. BE ‘s product line includes a wide variety of turntable systems, tumbling units, belt washers, monorail lines, innovative systems designed for cellular production, and a full line of water-based detergents.


Producing Aqueous Cleaning Systems

parts washer F-5000LX-PCS-ZX orange

By this time, Better Engineering was the largest producer of aqueous parts cleaning systems. BE had distributors throughout the US and they were now producing larger and more sophisticated systems for industry.


Water-based Cleaning Begins

impulse-2 parts washer
Better Engineering manufactured their first water-based parts cleaning system – a small jet washer designed for auto repair facilities. At the time, nobody could have foreseen the impact this product was to have on BE’s future.



Starting To Grow

oil cooler flusher
Between 1960 and 1980, Better Engineering sold over 8,000 of their patented torque converter flushers. BE developed other tools and equipment for the auto rebuilding industry like this oil cooler/line flusher.


Just Starting Out

torque converter flusher
Better Engineering was founded upon the invention of a machine called the “Torque Converter Flusher.” This patented machine was used by automatic transmission repair facilities to gauge and clean torque converters during the rebuilding process.