Conveyor Washer for Cleaning Compressor Parts – Case Study 22822

Conveyor belt washer for cleaning compressor parts
conveyor washer for compressors



This company is a leading manufacturer of commercial HVAC equipment.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They were looking for a continuous machine to integrate with their existing in-line process and clean pallets of oily new compressor parts. The pallets are 24″ x 24″ x 24″ (with parts) and a loaded pallet can weigh up to 500 lbs.


Our Cyberjet model C-24 delivered precisely the unit they needed.
The pallets automatically transition from the customer’s conveyor to the
washer conveyor on the load end, and vice versa on the unload end.
Throughput is one (1) pallet per 90 seconds. The system consists of
four (4) stages…wash, rinse, rust inhibit, dry and has a 25” belt width,
30” working height, and a 250 lb. per linear foot of conveyor weight
capacity. The conveyor has a heavy-duty drive motor and a variable
speed of 1-5 FPM .



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