D-24 3-stage drum washer
Drum Washer D-14 Gas Heat
Drum Washer D-14 Gas Heat


This key corporation in the defense, aerospace, security, and outdoor
sport industries needed to clean 7.62mm brass shell casings in the
manufacturing process.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They were using old parts washers that no longer cleaned their parts efficiently or effectively. They needed new washers to clean the shell casings after heat treatment.


Parts come to the 3-stage drum washer from an annealing oven and are washed, rinsed and dried at a rate of 30-35 lbs. per minute. The system outputs 26,000 shells per hour sending them to final machining. The drum has “scoops” to bring the fluids into the drum (there are no pumps). In the wet stages, the shells are fully immersed. The drum washer is all stainless steel.

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