Engine Piston Cleaning – Case Study 22177

Carousel parts washer cleaning automotive parts
Carousel parts washer cleaning automotive parts



This company is a leading global automotive parts manufacturer.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

They needed a system to clean engine pistons that would integrate with their existing work cell and robotic automation.


This RTO-3000 carousel system cleans diesel engine pistons inside and out including a cavity that only has access via two small, ¼” diameter holes. Parts are robotically loaded and unloaded from the same front position. The turntable indexes every 45 seconds moving the parts through the wash, rinse, and dry zones. Features of the system include: “Zero Degree” jets to blast into the hollow cavity area, locating repeatability of +/- 0.030” for the robot, all stainless construction, regenerative blower, steam exhaust & mist collector, insulation, safety light curtains, and more.



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