Easy Access

Ergonomic Design

Increased Visibility

Compact Design

High Pressure Spray Cabinet

Model HP-1000


The HP-1000 spray cabinets are ideal for getting a higher-level of cleanliness on difficult to clean part features than what is achievable from automated jet spray washers in comparable time frame. The HP-1000 is ergonomic for seated or standing position, has a turntable for easy part rotation, and optional heated tank to recirculate cleaning solution.



  • Heavy-duty, noncorrosive construction, 12 Ga. stainless steel cabinet
  • Hinged door for maximum access
  • High-Impingement, 4 GPM @ 1,000 PSI spray cleaning
  • 22” diameter turntable for easy part rotation and cleaning convenience (power optional)
  • Automatic window wiper for increased visibility
  • Illuminated cabinet interior
  • Ergonomic design for either seated or standing operation
  • Ergonomic spray gun eliminates manual strain associated with conventional trigger guns
  • 40” loading height and 30" IVC
  • 250 lbs. weight capacity
  • 3HP pump


The following features are optional on the HP-1000:

  • Recirculated wash tank for heated pressure cleaning with detergent-charged water
  • Powered turntable controlled by foot switch controls for safe and convenient hands-off operation
  • Manual fresh rinse and compressed air dry stages
  • Oil skimming
  • 20 gallon tank

High Pressure Spray Booth Brochure

Click to download the High Pressure Spray Booth Washer brochure/specification sheet.