Jet Engine Exhaust Rings Parts Washer – Case Study 21480


Jet engine exhaust ring parts washer

Jet Engine Exhaust Rings Parts Washer


This company specializes in aerospace sheet metal fabrication and design for complex aerospace applications. Markedly, they are a supplier to the world’s major, leading aircraft and aerospace engine manufacturers. In this case, they were in need of a jet engine exhaust rings parts washer to clean shrouds in the manufacturing process.

Parts Cleaning Challenge

Their old system was having issues with particulates coming off of the inside surface and depositing on their parts. Thus, they needed an effective parts washer to keep this from happening. Particularly, they required a stainless steel cleaning system in order to meet stringent aerospace cleaning requirements.


They purchased the F-4000LX-PCS jet engine exhaust rings parts washer to clean the shrouds.  Each part is approximately 36” in diameter and 27” in height.  To clean the inner diameter to the same degree as the outer diameter, a powered spray/ dry manifold gets automatically lowered into the center of the parts. In addition, this stainless steel system has two high-volume tanks with wash and rinse stages and a 10HP regenerative blower for a heated dry stage.

Furthermore, additional system features include a steam exhaust system, mist collector, micron filtration system, full insulation, automatic waster level controls and auto-fill, vertical seal-less pumps, oil/waster coalescer, and a central control station with a PLC, 10″ HMI, and main disconnect.

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