Better Engineering has a complete engineering lab and machine demonstration center to test clean your parts.  The machinery and lab equipment include:

Demonstration Machinery/Processes: BE Test Center

  • Multi-stage Conveyor Washer
  • Multi-stage Drum Washer
  • Various Turntable Models
  • A Cyclojet Rotary Basket Unit
  • Spray, Immersion, Ultrasonic

Laboratory Capabilities: BE Test Lab

  • Residual particles… gravimetric testing (total weight)
  • Residual particles… # and size of particles (microscopic observation)
  • Oil/Hydrocarbon detection… dyne testing and black light observation
  • Endoscope for passageways
  • Small Apparatus for bench testing
  • Wide variety of detergents
  • Ultra pure water

We feel that seeing is believing and that is why we invite you to visit our plant and test center in Baltimore, MD.  See your parts get cleaned first-hand. Can’t make it to Baltimore? Send your parts and we’ll test clean them for you and return the cleaned parts with a detailed report of our process, the results and the recommended machinery.

Contact Us for additional information or to schedule your FREE parts cleaning test.