Macrobin Washer
Macrobin Sanitizing Conveyor Washer
Macrobin Sanitizing Conveyor Washer


This company is a conglomerate of farms growing different varieties of potatoes. They use macrobins in the harvesting of their crops.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

As this was a new plant, they had no previous cleaning equipment and needed something that could guarantee that their macrobins were washed, rinse, sanitized, and dried. 


A conveyor washer with a 48″ wide belt was designed with three (3) stages: recirculated heated wash to sanitize the macrobins at 140° F. A fresh rinse with optional heat if needed and a short blow-off were added. The system cleans 1,000 macro bins (with ventilation) per 8-hour day. Along with filters on the wash and rinse, the machine was also equipped with marine clean out doors for easy maintenance, electronic eyes to sense parts and control the unload end, and a Dema valve to automatically control the introduction of detergent.

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