Parts Cleaning Case Histories

Learn how our automatic, aqueous-based systems have resolved parts cleaning challenges in applications throughout various industries.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Auto & Truck Mfg., Repair/Maint. Operations
Carousel Washer C-6000-PCS
Automotive Transaxle Parts Cleaning Carousel parts cleaning system with four (4) small turntables mounted to the large 60″ diameter carousel turntable. At any given time, one turntable can be loaded/unloaded by the operator while the other turntables are rotating in the wash, rinse, and dry zones. The unit outputs one set of clean/ dry parts
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Auto & Truck Mfg., Repair/Maint. Operations
Mini Conveyor Washer C-6
Spine Shaft Cleaning Compact conveyor washer designed to fit in customer’s existing work cell (between a knurling machine and a induction heating unit). The customer’s pick and place unit automatically places the shafts onto the washer’s conveyor. The parts get washed , blown-off and then slide down a chute into the customer’s vibratory conveyor.
RTO-2000 Washer angle
Transmission Housing Cleaning The RTO-2000 is the perfect parts washer for a work cell. The operator loads a part, rolls the dolly into the chamber, and uses push-button controls to close the door and start the cycle. In cycle, the part rotates and water is blasted into key passageways. In just 3 minutes, the part is
Automotive Conveyor Washers
Conveyor Washers for Camshafts, Crankshafts and Engine Blocks Two (2) identical conveyor washers with custom fixturing – one designed to hold camshafts and crankshafts and the other to clean engine blocks. These systems wash, rinse, and dry 120 parts, or sets of parts, every hour (the next step is assembly.) Electronic sensors and operator flag
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Med/Pharma/Food/Cosmetic
Drum Barrel Washer
D-24 Rotary Drum Washer This cleaning system cleans small rubber parts after punch-out. Parts are automatically loaded and the drum tumbles the parts through the system. The parts are washed, dried, and then move onto the next stage. The D-24 has a super “clean design” to maintain sanitary conditions. All areas of the machine are
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Metal Preparation Systems, Military Parts Washing
Drum Washer 3-stage
Background: This key corporation in the defense, aerospace, security and outdoor sport industries needed to clean 7.62mm brass shell casings in the manufacturing process. Problem: They were using 70 year old parts washers that no longer cleaned their parts efficiently or effectively.  They needed new washers to clean the shell casings after heat treatment. The
Conveyor Washer Stampings
C-24 Conveyor Washer This C-24 conveyor washer is cleaning stampings coming off a press at the rate of 150 parts per minute. The parts are conveyed from the press to the washer, fall onto the washer’s conveyor belt, which then inclines into the system. The parts go through a four (4) stage cleaning process. The
Tumbling Ultrasonic Parts Washer with Conveyor
CJ-2 Tumbling Washer with Automated Conveyor This CJ-2 cleans fuel injector parts to the highest possible standards. This system cleans trays of parts since this is how they are normally handled in the manufacturing plant. The operator places a tray (single or double stacked) on the blue conveyor belt and walks away. The conveyor then
Conveyor Washer Loop Table Top Chain
C-14 Conveyor Washer with 360 Degree Track This Cyberjet C-14 is a fully automated parts washing system that cleans diesel engine camshafts. A single robot loads and unloads the camshafts on one end of the system. Once a camshaft is loaded onto a fixture, the fixture is released and the part travels around the tight
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Aircraft Parts Cleaning
Industrial Parts Washer RD-6000LX-PCS
Parts Cleaning System RD-6000LX-PCS Twin systems designed for final, precision cleaning of critical jet engine components. These parts cleaning systems have a roll-in door and a spray/dry manifold that automatically lowers into the parts. Both the interior and exterior surfaces are directly impacted as the machines cycle through the following stages… wash, rinse, fresh rinse, and
Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Aircraft Parts Cleaning
Parts Washer Jet Engine Exhaust Rings F-4000LX-PCS
F-4000LX-PCS Parts Washer This customer makes various parts for jet engines and aircraft.  They purchased the F-4000LX-PCS parts washer shown to clean shrouds.  Each part is approximately 36” in diameter and 27” in height.  To clean the inner diameter to the same degree as the outer diameter, a powered spray/ dry manifold gets automatically lowered
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 / Published in Aircraft Parts Cleaning
Industrial Parts Washer Impulse 80 open
Impulse Wide-80 The Impulse Wide-80 spray washer is designed to automatically clean jet engine rotors in a horizontal orientation. The work envelope is 80″ long x 33″ in diameter. This is a two (2) stage wash/dry system with spray and dry manifolds that oscillate around the rotor (the rotor remains stationary.) Plastic lined “V” fixtures