Parts Cleaning Case Histories

Learn how our automatic, aqueous-based systems have resolved parts cleaning challenges in applications throughout various industries.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Aircraft Parts Cleaning
Parts Washer Jet Engine Exhaust Rings F-4000LX-PCS
F-4000LX-PCS Parts Washer This customer makes various parts for jet engines and aircraft.  They purchased the F-4000LX-PCS parts washer shown to clean shrouds.  Each part is approximately 36” in diameter and 27” in height.  To clean the inner diameter to the same degree as the outer diameter, a powered spray/ dry manifold gets automatically lowered
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 / Published in Aircraft Parts Cleaning
Industrial Parts Washer Impulse 80 open
Impulse Wide-80 The Impulse Wide-80 spray washer is designed to automatically clean jet engine rotors in a horizontal orientation. The work envelope is 80″ long x 33″ in diameter. This is a two (2) stage wash/dry system with spray and dry manifolds that oscillate around the rotor (the rotor remains stationary.) Plastic lined “V” fixtures
Wednesday, 05 August 2015 / Published in Aircraft Parts Cleaning
RD-5000LX-PCS open
Background This aerospace manufacturer develops engines for the civil and defense industries. Parts Cleaning Problem They needed to clean various aircraft engine parts in the manufacturing process. The System / Solution RD-5000-PCS Precision Cleaning System This system cleans designated jet engine parts to the highest possible level.  This system has a 50″ diameter turntable, 60″