Cleaning & Sanitizing MacroBins

This farm is a global producer of potatoes. They utilize MacroBins in the harvesting of their crops and needed to clean and sanitize these MacroBins to prevent food-borne bacteria contamination.

They needed a machine that could clean 1,000 MacroBins (with ventilation) per 8-hour day. This stainless steel conveyor washer has a 48-inch wide belt to accommodate these large bins and was designed with three stages: a recirculated heated wash stage to sanitize at 140° F, a fresh rinse stage with optional heat if needed, and a short blow-off stage.

The system has a working height of 32-inches and load/unload heights of 40-inches. The flat-wire conveyor belt has a variable frequency drive and 600 gallons tank. Along with filters on the wash and rinse, the machine is also equipped with marine clean-out doors for easy maintenance, electronic eyes to sense parts and control the unload end, and a Dema valve to automatically control the introduction of detergent.

Precision Cleaning with Powered Dolly & Lift for Aerospace Parts

This company is a multinational manufacturer of commercial and military gas turbine engines for military, civil, and corporate aircraft. They needed to clean various aerospace parts including large bearing assemblies.

The solution was an automatic spray washing system with an 80-inch diameter turntable and 60-inch working height. This “Ultima” unit is designed for the safe, easy loading of these heavy parts. It has a powered vertical door, powered dolly, and a powered tilt-down fixture to lift parts into the chamber. This system also has two identical tanks for high-volume wash and rinse stages, a heated dry system, and a retractable manifold to cover the internal diameter of the parts.

Parts Washer with Dual Rinse Tanks to Phosphate Coat Actuators

This company manufactures custom linear and rotary actuators critical to automating process controls that run industrial and utility plant operations. They needed another machine to wash, phosphate coat, rinse, and dry their parts prior to being painted. The solution was an Ultima F-5000-ULT-ZX cleaning system with an additional 2 rinse tanks added to the machine, (1) for phosphating and (1) for rinse, which fit their application perfectly.

The system also features an extra-large chip basket for filtering debris, a removable filter basket for extra fine filtration, which can accept any flat filter media rated for any micron rating, and a 2nd tier turntable with 500 lbs. weight capacity.