Bin Washer to Clean and Sanitize Large Bins

This model F-PTL-5000 automatic bin washing system cleans and sanitizes various sized large bins and totes up to 250 lbs. Bins are loaded onto the loading deck/door via a ramp. Special fixtures hold the bins in place while the bins are automatically lifted into the cleaning chamber by two (2) pneumatic lift actuators. The interlocking fixture/door seals the cleaning chamber. Rotating manifolds clean the inside of the bins as they are processed through three (3) stages: wash, fresh rinse, and sanitizing rinse. The fully insulated, stainless steel system has a working envelope of 41″ L x 37″ W x 29″ H. The system also features a central control panel built to NEMA 4X, a 200 heated wash tank, micron filtration, low water shutdown & auto fill, a 10HP vertical seal-less pump, and steam exhaust.