MacroBins-Recycling Bins Washer C-48

A major recycling services company needed a wash-only cleaning system to clean bins in their organics recycling program. The bins arrive from restaurant chains and food banks filled with organic food waste and cooking grease. They need to clean two different sized bins: 1) 32 gallon (green) roll-out recycling bins with attached lids (19”w x 46.5”l x 36”h) and 2) 190 gallon macrobins (31.5”h x 40”l x 48”w) with detached lids. Throughput is 400 bins/day for the green bins and 100 bins/day for the macrobins. The system has a 48” wide conveyor belt with four (4) parallel chains and flat-wire belt pushers to help forward bins through the system. The load and unload ends are extended to accommodate multiple bins.
Additional features include: multiple water level controls, gas heat, electronic eye sensor, door safety switches, and marine clean-out doors.