Metal Preparation, RTO-2000

R-PD-3000-PCS Precision Cleaning System
This is a fully automated system (robotically loaded and unloaded) to clean and passivate large gas cylinders (as large as 72” high by 14” in diameter). The sequence is as follows: a) the robot loads one part into the chamber, b) grippers come in from both sides to hold the part, c) the robot then releases the part and retracts, d) the door is powered down and the cleaning cycle starts, e) during the cycle, the ID and OD surfaces of the cylinders are sprayed….first with a hot cleaning/ passivating solution, then with a hot rinse water, and lastly with fresh rinse water. and f) the door opens, and the robot removes the part. The total cycle time is just 4-5 minutes.

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