C-24-SS Conveyor Washer – Pre-Owned Unit

C-24-SS Conveyor Washer – Pre-Owned Unit



Not actual machine.   Pre-owned conveyor washer is similar to machine pictured.

Model Number and Summary Description

  • C-24-S5/ S3/ FR/ DH
  • Four (4) Stage Conveyor Washer
  • Stages: 1) Wash, 2) Rinse, 3) Fresh Rinse, 4) Dry

Working Dimensions

  • 24″ wide x 16″ high

Materials of Construction

  • All wetted parts are stainless steel
  • Exterior finish is natural stainless steel… only components such as the control box and motors are painted


  • Excellent Condition
  • Pricing includes reconditioning, run-off at Better Engineering to show full functionality and a 3 month warranty

Type of Conveyor

  • Parallel Chains (can be changed to a standard belt at no charge)

Included Options

  • WLC-11 Water Level Controls and Auto-fill for both tanks
  • MC0-11 Marine Clean-out Door for both tanks
  • ASX-11 Steam Exhaust
  • Dual F-22-200-SS Filter Assembly on the wash module
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