G-1000 Genesis Immersion Parts Washer

The G-1000 is the ideal immersion washer for small to medium size parts. The hallmark feature is a powered platform (24” x 18”) with high speed oscillation under water (immersion depth is 12”). With the G-1000, the operator simply loads the parts, starts the cycle and walks away. In cycle, the platform lowers the parts into a heated bath and then starts to oscillate up and down at 200 strokes (100 full oscillations) per min. This agitation in the heated detergent and water solution cleans your parts , inside and out, while underwater compressed air nozzles create additional turbulence.
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(Picture shown with optional side work station.)


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  • Modular construction…tank can be unbolted and replaced
  • 24” long x 18” wide platform…powered with pneumatic cylinder
  • Platform agitation…up to 200 strokes (100 full oscillations) /min.
  • Immersion depth: 12”
  • Bath turbulation using compressed air
  • Hinged cover
  • Timers for heaters and oscillation cycles
  • Filter/ regulator for the compressed air connection


  • Removable parts basket: 22” x 14” x 1” with handles
  • Side work station: 24” x 18” work area, drip basin, backsplash
  • Flow through brush and pump
  • Overhead LED light
  • Automatic low water shut down and automatic fill
  • Automatic oil skimmer (must order low water shut down/fill)
  • 7 day/ 24 hour timer to automatically turn power on and off (for advance heating)
  • Gun to rinse parts with fresh water (acts as make-up water for wash tank)
  • Air blow-off gun (to dry parts with compressed air)
  • All wetted parts stainless steel
  • 230 V, 3-pH electric electric


Additional information

Weight 600 lbs
Dimensions 29 × 28 × 64 in
Parts Platform Dimensions

22" x 14"

Working Height / Immersion Depth

12 inches

Weight Capacity

150 lbs.

Load Height

36 inches

Pump (Optional*)

Magnetic Drive Pump for Optional Hand Detailing Brush 1/125 HP

Pump Output *

3 GPM / 4.3 PSI

Tank Size

50 gallons

Tank Heat (Electric)

6 kW

Heat-up Time

1.5 hours to 160°F setpoint

Electric Power


Full Load Amps



Weight listed is shipping weight