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G-500 Genesis Micro Immersion Parts Washer


The G-500 (stainless steel) is an automatic parts washer that is small enough to fit on a work bench (support stand is optional) and large enough (24” x 14” x 8” high work envelope) to clean most parts. Simply plug the G-500 into a 110 volt outlet and you are ready to clean your parts in a hot water and detergent bath.

The hallmark feature of the G-500 is a rack and lever system that allows the parts to be easily lowered into the hot bath without ever getting your hands wet. Once under water, air agitates the solution to create a violent scrubbing action. With the rack in the “up” position, parts are illuminated with an overhead LED light so they can be closely examined and detailed with a flow-thru hand brush, and optional fresh rinse and blow-off guns.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • 24” L x 14” W x 8” H work envelope
  • Immersion depth 8”
  • Bath turbulation using compressed air
  • Cantilevered handlebar for raising and lowering the rack into the bath
  • Rack pops-out for easy tank cleaning
  • Overhead LED light
  • 7 day/ 24 hour timer to automatically turn power on and off (for advance heating)
  • Low water sensor and shut off (to protect water heater)
  • Built-in oil skimming
  • Flow-through brush and pump (pump sends wash solution through the brush
  • Control switches for light, heat, and brush pumps
  • Plug for everyday 110 V, 15 amp outlet

  • Rugged stand made from precision aluminum extrusions
  • Same stand but with middle shelf and Lexan hinged door
  • Rinse gun to rinse parts with fresh water (acts as make-up water for wash tank)
  • Air blow-off gun

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