Sanitizing Medical Waste Containers – Case Study 21201

C-42 Conveyor belt washer for cleaning and sanitizing medical waste containers
C-42 Medical Waste Bin Washer
C-42 Medical Waste Bin Washer



This company is a leading company in the waste management and environmental services industry. They provide sustainable environmental solutions for local municipalities, restaurants, commercial properties, government agencies, manufacturing/industrial facilities, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare and medical facilities, and more.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

This company processes and disposes of medical waste containing infectious materials from healthcare facilities. They needed to clean and sanitize large volumes of medical waste containers of different sizes for re-distribution to hospitals and medical facilities. There are three types of containers to be cleaned: 31-gallon, 43-gallon, and 55-gallon sizes, and some with split lids. Sanitizing these containers requires specialized cleaning methods to ensure microorganisms are almost entirely eradicated to prevent contamination. They needed an automated system that could process the various sized containers in the same machine, handle the large volume, and provide an efficient and regulatory-compliant environmental solution.


The solution was a model C-42 stainless steel conveyor washer with a 42-inch wide belt to clean and sanitize up to 300 medical waste containers per hour. The system has three stages: pre-wash, wash, and rinse/sanitize (+180° F). Adjustable air manifolds powered by a 10HP regenerative blower with sound shield blow water off the containers upon exit.

Parallel roller chains with chain attachments act as pushers to move the containers through the three stages, and static guide rails keep the containers centered on the conveyor. The work envelop is 42” wide x 40” high. The system also features a 20 HP pump, steam-heated tanks, water level controls, marine cleanout doors, speed sensor, and more.

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