Spray Washer for Large Castings – Case Study 20700

by bettereng1neer1ng / 12 August 2015 / No Comments


This 80 year old company (same family/ 4th generation) manufacturers components for industrial hot and cold water circulation systems… pumps, valves, heat exchanges, air removal devices, etc.

Parts Cleaning Problem:

Imported castings need to have Cosmoline removed.   Machined parts are also washed to remove chips and oils.  Much of their parts cleaning was done by hand, which they found to be inefficient.

The System/Solution:

RD-7000 Turntable Parts Washer

The customer bought several Better Engineering parts washers.  Most of these are turntable style spray washers including the RD-7000 unit shown in this case study. This automatic parts washer has a roll-in door, a 70” diameter turntable with 2,500 lb. holding capacity, and 60” working height.