Spray Washer for Large Castings – Case Study 20700

RD-7000 Roll-in door cabinet washer to clean large pumps castings
RD-7000 Roll-in door cabinet washer to clean large pumps castings


Spray Washer for Large Castings


This family-owned, 80-year old company manufactures components for industrial hot and cold water circulation systems: pumps, valves, heat exchanges, air removal devices, etc. The company needed a spray washer for large castings for a new operation.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

The company needed to remove metal chips, cutting oils, and Cosmoline (a wax-like petroleum-based substance) from imported castings. Specifically, these castings were large, approximately 18-inches in diameter, and weighing 40-50 lbs. each. In addition, the company was cleaning these parts by hand, which they found to be time-consuming and inefficient. Therefore, they required a powerful, automatic spray washer to effectively remove all contaminants.


In this case, the solution was a heavy-duty spray washer for large castings with a 70-inch diameter turntable and 60-inch working height, model RD-7000. Markedly, this automatic spray washer had a 2,500 lbs. load capacity and 15 HP pump to handle the workload. 

Due to the weight of some parts, workers loaded the castings via a hoist and chain. As such, the center of the turntable is in front of the door axis, allowing a chain hoist to be positioned over the center of the turntable.

Additionally, the spray washer also featured:

  • Oil skimmer
  • Retractable middle spray manifold for smaller parts
  • 7-day, 24-hour timer
  • Automatic temperature controls
  • NEMA 12 control panel

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