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Tote Washer Steam Heat
Tote Washer Steam Heat


This company is a global agricultural cooperative and the leading handler of dried fruits. They use plastic totes to transport the dried fruit throughout the food processing operations.

Parts Cleaning Challenge:

Their old tote cleaning system was inefficient and only removed approximately half of the contaminants from the totes.


The company needed to clean dried fruit from totes and bins used throughout their manufacturing process. This Cyberjet C-24 conveyor washer with a 24” wide belt has flat-wire belt pushers to forward totes/bins through system, side rails that keep the totes/ bins in place as they cycle through wash, rinse, and steam heat stages, and powerful spray nozzles to remove the contaminants. System cleans 600 bins/hour. Rugged stainless steel construction and NEMA 4x controls cabinet.

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