Cleaning Pharma Capsule Printers – Case Study 20667

F-3000-P-ZX-SS spray cabinet washer to clean pharma capsule printing parts
F-3000-P-ZX-SS pharma cleaning capsule printer parts


Turntable Washer for Pharma Cleaning


This company manufactures and sells two-piece, hard gelatin drug capsules that pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies use for their products. The company wanted an automatic parts washer to make their pharma cleaning process more efficient and effective.

Cleaning Challenge

Regulations stipulate that capsules have identification codes printed on them. Special printing machines apply this print on these tiny capsules, and these machines need regular cleaning. Significantly, the machinery gets completely torn down in order to wash all components. Employees manually washed these components by hand at great expense. Also,  Therefore, the company required an automatic system to reduce costs, increase productivity, and meet strict pharma cleaning standards.


In this case, the solution was a stainless steel model F-3000-P-ZX-SS turntable washer with a 30-inch diameter turntable and unique fixtures to hold the parts. Specifically, the system has special user-friendly racks that protect the delicate parts (especially the print rollers) from getting scratched during the cleaning process.

The system processes the parts through wash and rinse stages. In particular, the machine washes parts at over 180° for sanitizing to help prevent cross-contamination between batches. Furthermore, a center-drop manifold cleans the parts on all sides. Meanwhile, an upper-level turntable basket increased the cleaning area, so the unit washed more parts per cycle.

Additionally, other system features include a dual-channel 7-day/24-hour timer, low water shutdown and automatic fill, a fresh rinse cycle with automatic diversion, in-line micron filtration, and an oil skimmer.

This automatic parts washer saved the customer time and labor, thereby increasing overall productivity.

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