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Industrial sanitization equipment is imperative in the food and pharmaceutical industries to prevent cross-contamination and reduce the growth of viruses, fungi, and harmful bacteria. These industries have the strictest cleaning regulations set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ensure consumer safety and are subject to cleaning validation.

Better Engineering builds sanitizing systems according to the hygienic design principles referenced in the 3-A General Requirements for food processing or biomedical environments. Furthermore, Better Engineering’s food sanitization equipment and cleaning systems can be validated through ATP testing and rigorous IQ/OQ protocols. 

BE’s line of sanitizing washers includes tunnel washers, rack washers, and large container/vat washers. They also include buggy washers, pallet washers, slat washers, and turntable-style washers. Moreover, our systems offer wash, rinse, sanitize, dry stages, or any combination thereof.

Our cleaning and commercial sanitizing systems feature stainless steel construction, sanitary spray, dry manifolds, sloped floors, continuous welding (TIG), “open” architecture for maximum access, rounded corners where possible, and system filtration. These machines meet regulatory food and safety standards set by FSMA, HACCP, and GMP, providing verifiable and repeatable results.

There are five primary reasons to transition from a manual to an automated wash process. First, manual cleaning of large totes, vats, and buggies is often cumbersome and can lead to injury, especially over an 8-hour shift. Second, an automated wash process provides repeatability over a shift; whereas, a laborer will inevitably get tired and wash less consistently over time. Better Engineering’s washing and sanitizing systems also offer data recording for various parameters, including water temperature, chemistry concentration, and cycle time. Third, automating your washing process will increase the number of parts you can process daily, limiting downtime. Fourth, automating your wash process will help eliminate labor, which is a major advantage in a tight labor market. Lastly, our washing and sanitizing machines will help you achieve your sustainability goals by conserving water and detergent. 

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