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Genesis Washers

Small, Automatic Parts Washers that give the MAXIMUM CLEANING POWER in the SMALLEST FOOTPRINT!

The Genesis Series is state-of-the-art and includes two immersion and three jet washer models.

One great machine series… five great different models to choose from! The Genesis Series of small, automatic parts washers is state of the art and includes two immersion and three jet washer models and is ideal for cleaning automotive parts such as brakes, transmissions, engine blocks, and more. Features include:
• Roll-in door
• Ergonomic loading height
• Jam-proof, chain driven turntable drive
• Control panel with 30-minute washer timer, 12-heat timer and adjustable thermostat
• Mid-swing manifold to accommodate various part heights
• High volume, industrial centrifugal pumps

G-2000 Genesis Parts Washer


Automatic jet-spray parts washer designed to give a customer maximum cleaning power in the smallest possible footprint. Features include the roll-in door, a vertical (seal­-less) pump, automatic water level controls, jam-free turntable drive system, oil skimmer, slide-out filter basket, etc.

  • 27″ Diameter turntable
  • 35″ Working height
  • 29″ Load height
  • Roll-away door
  • Vertical (seal-less) pump
  • Ergonomic 31-inch loading height
  • Jam-proof turntable drive
  • 30-minute wash timer
  • 12-hour heat timer
  • Mid-swing cleaning manifold
  • Sealed cleaning chamber
  • Slide-out chip basket
  • 230V / 460V 3-phase power
  • Automatic 7-day/24-hour timer
  • Automatic water fill
  • Oil skimmer
  • Steam exhaust
  • In-line strainer
  • In-line bag filter
  • Insulation
  • Brush & pump for hand cleaning
  • ZXX Upper turntable
  • Casters
  • Gas Heat