ImmersoSonic Line

Immersion Washer Models: S-22/14 and S-32/24 With Optional Ultrasonics


The ImmersoSonic line of machinery has established a new, higher standard for immersion washers with its models S-22/14 and S-32/24.

  • Better Platform Agitation – designed around a 22” long x 14” wide and a 32″ long x 24″ wide agitating platform, respectively; linear guide rails and other features make this “engine” smoother and more reliable
  • Modular Design – three (3) types of modules and numerous options make it easy to have the ideal system with unlimited stages
  • Larger Tanks – BE found a way of extending the tanks beyond the cylinders that power the platforms; the larger tanks hold more chips/ dirt and keep the contaminants away from the parts
  • No More Side Tanks and Floor Sprawl – the pumps required for agitation and filtration and the oil skimmers are now mounted to the main tanks
  • New Oil Skimming Technology/ Cleaner Parts – before parts are lifted out of a bath, oils are blown to the “new” rear tank extension and windows power shut to trap the oils in the skimming section
  • Optional Ultrasonic Cleaning,

  • Powered Platforms for each module
  • Powered lid(s)
  • Agitation - up to 200 strokes per minute (short and long strokes)
  • Three (3) Types of Modules (unlimited stages):
    1. Heated (HT) Immersion

    2. Non-heated (CT) Immersion Module
    3. Heated Dry (DH)


  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Full Insulation
  • “V”-shaped Tank Floors, Pitched to Rear
  • Pneumatic Controls, includes filter/regulator & silencers
  • NEMA 12 Central Control Panel
  • 7-day/24-hour Timer

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning

  • Water Level Controls and Auto Fill

  • Pump for Agitation and Filtration

  • Micron Bag Filter

  • Oil Skimmer – Belt Type

  • Oil Sweeper and Powered Gates for Containment

  • Full System Enclosure with Lexan Panels

  • Ventilation Hood

  • Door Locking Switch
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix and HMI (10" color screen)

  • End-of-Cycle Beacon Lights
  • Loading Deck

  • Unloading Deck

  • Automatic Basket Indexing System

Immersion Ultrasonic Washer Video Showcase


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