S-22/14 & S-32/24 ImmersoSonic Line

Immersion Parts Washer Models: S-22/14 and S-32/24 with optional ultrasonics


The ImmersoSonic line of machinery has established a new, higher standard for immersion parts washers with its models S-22/14 and S-32/24. When selecting a proper parts washer, it is critical to evaluate a part’s geometry. Crevices, acute angles, and blind holes pose a unique challenge, aside from contaminant removal or proper chemical selection. An immersion parts washer is designed to fully submerge a part or basket in the heated solution tank. The parts washer provides mechanical agitation that works with a detergent to accelerate the cleaning process.

  • Better Platform Agitation – designed around a 22” long x 14” wide and a 32″ long x 24″ wide agitating platform, respectively; linear guide rails and other features make this “engine” smoother and more reliable
  • Modular Design – three (3) types of modules and numerous options make it easy to have the ideal system with unlimited stages
  • Larger Tanks – BE found a way of extending the tanks beyond the cylinders that power the platforms; the larger tanks hold more chips/ dirt and keep the contaminants away from the parts
  • No More Side Tanks and Floor Sprawl – the pumps required for agitation and filtration and the oil skimmers are now mounted to the main tanks
  • New Oil Skimming Technology/ Cleaner Parts – before parts are lifted out of a bath, oils are blown to the “new” rear tank extension and windows power shut to trap the oils in the skimming section
  • Optional Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Optional Automation
  • Optional Drying or Vacuum Drying

ImmersoSonic Agitating Technology

An immersion parts washer uses various mechanical agitation methods to enhance cleaning results. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment is primarily used for precision cleaning applications. An ultrasonic parts washer uses ultrasonic transducers to emit high-frequency sound waves, producing millions of microscopic bubbles that create cavitation. This cavitation creates a scrubbing action strong enough to overcome particle adhesion forces, removing contaminants like rust, carbon, wax, and metal particles lodged in blind holes.

Another standard mechanical agitation method used in an immersion parts washer or industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment is platform oscillation, which can also be combined with basket rotation. This is the most common and simplest method of forcing cleaning solution into a part’s crevices. 

During the oscillation process, a part or basket moves up and down, forcing the cleaning solution into the recessed area. Additionally, parts move in and out of the cleaning solution, filling and draining a part’s internals. The up and down motion agitates over the part’s surface and removes contaminants.

The final mechanical method of agitation utilized in an immersion parts washer or ultrasonic cleaning equipment is solution turbulation, also known as spray under immersion. This agitation method produces better spray impingement than simple platform oscillation.

Immersion parts washers and industrial cleaning equipment are used in numerous industries such as ammunition and firearms, aerospace, space, automotive, metalworking, maintenance and repair, and rail and transit.

Immersion Ultrasonic Washer Video Showcase


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