Miniaturized Systems

Belt widths as small as 6-inches wide and single modules.

65" Wide Belt Conveyor Washer

Larger conveyor washers with belt widths up to 65 inches and multi-stage systems.

Automated Table-top Chain Loop Conveyor

Custom belting, return conveying and automation integration available.

Robotics Integration

Systems can be designed to be integrated with a company's existing automation and to have parts loaded & unloaded robotically.

Tote Washers

This conveyor washer is designed to clean multiple sizes of plastic totes. To prevent the totes from getting blown off the conveyor belt, the system has "floating" hold-down rails that hinge up and down as the tote heights change (no manual adjustment is needed.)wash, rinse/sanitize (+180° F) and dry.

8-Stage Automated System

Multi 8-stage system designed in a compact footprint.

Pick & Place Integration

Automated system picks and places individual parts providing uninterrupted production.

24" Wide Turn Radius, Tapered Rollers

Tapered rollers insure that the belt keeps the full 24-inch width on the turns.

Tight U-bend Conveyor

Miniature conveyor with 6-inch wide belt combined with return-to-operator u-bend unit for small bearings.

Pallet Washer

This pallet washer has a 24" wide cabinet and an 8" wide conveyor belt; pallets are loaded vertically.

Camshaft-Crankshaft Conveyor Washer

Custom fixture designed to hold camshafts and crankshafts through the cleaning cycles on a parallel chain conveyor. Electronic sensors and operator flag switches allow the conveyor to index to the next part.

Engine Block Conveyor Washer

Custom fixture designed to hold engine blocks through the cleaning cycles on a parallel chain conveyor. Electronic sensors and operator flag switches allow the conveyor to index to the next part.

Cleaning Alternator Housings

This parts cleaning system is fully automated. The parts (starter nose end housings) are loaded and unloaded by two separate robots on the same end of the system. The fixture plates are fastened to a chain to create an oval conveyor. Parts are washed and rinsed on one side of the oval and dried and cooled on the other side. The system has the tightest possible footprint.

Tube Washer Robotically Loaded

This unit has a parallel chain conveyor with "V" block fixtures to hold the tubes in a precise position. The conveyor indexes for robotic integration. At the spray and dry stations, nozzles blast into the tube OD and ID.

High Pressure Conveyor Washer

Customer's SLA plates are conveyed through Better Engineering's C-16 cleaning system to remove cured SLA resin. To remove the dried-on resin, high pressure cleaning is required. The hardened resin is blasted off the plates using 3,000 PSI water jets.

High Speed System

System cleans precision stampings at relative high speed (40 FMP) and includes a reverse osmosis water filter to generate high quality rinse water and air knives at the end of each stage to minimize carry-over.

Monorail-Conveyor Washer

Cylinders for door closures needed to be cleaned and dried before entering a powder coating line. This four stage system (wash, rinse, blow-off and dry) conveys parts directly  to  powder coating.

Cleaning Propane Tanks

Conveyor washer with 36" wide belt has dual track to hold two rows of propane cylinder tanks. Empty, used tanks are used at the load end and are held in place by the bars as they are washed, rinsed and dried and prepared for recycling to be used again.

Cleaning & Sanitizing Medical Waste Bins

This C-42 conveyor washer cleans and sanitizes medical waste containers.  The containers get dumped, washed in the C-42 and then get re-distributed to hospitals and medical facilities.  The C-42 has three stages: wash, rinse/sanitize (+180° F) and dry.

Custom Conveyor Washers

Cleaning systems for unique applications.


From the foundation of our standard models, Better Engineering designs and builds unique and custom parts washing systems to tackle your parts cleaning problem. Better Engineering manufactures custom conveyor washers for systems and applications such as:

• Miniature Systems
• Increased Belt Widths up to 72” or wider
• Automation – Robotics Integration
• Return Conveyors - Oval and U-shaped
• Specialty Conveyors – plastic belting, chain belting with fixtures, rollers, etc.
• High Pressure Systems - spray pressure of 3,000 PSI
• High Speed Systems - belt speed up to 40 FPM
• Monorail Washers
• Water Filtration
• Dunnage/Totes
• Trays
• Bins/Crates
• Pallets
• Racks
• Large Gallon Drums
• Pipes/Tubes

Conveyor Washer Videos