From the foundation of our standard models, Better Engineering designs and builds unique and custom parts washing systems to tackle your parts cleaning problem. Better Engineering manufactures custom conveyor washers for systems and applications such as:

• Miniature Systems
• Increased Belt Widths up to 72” or wider
• Automation – Robotics Integration
• Return Conveyors - Oval and U-shaped
• Specialty Conveyors – plastic belting, chain belting with fixtures, rollers, etc.
• High Pressure Systems - spray pressure of 3,000 PSI
• High Speed Systems - belt speed up to 40 FPM
• Monorail Washers
• Water Filtration
• Dunnage/Totes
• Trays
• Bins/Crates
• Large Gallon Drums
• Pipes/Tubes

Conveyor Washer Videos

Automatic Tote Washer

Conveyor Washers, Medical/Pharma

Conveyor Washer to Clean Starter Nose Cone Housings

Auto-Truck, Conveyor Washers, Military, Repair-Maint

Parts Cleaning Small Weapons Frames

Conveyor Washers, Military

Conveyor Washer for Large Metal Stampings

Conveyor Washers, Metal-Prep, Metal-Work