Medical Waste Container & Sharps Sanitization

Medical institutions must prioritize sanitizing and removing medical waste materials from reusable plastic sharps, containers, and lids. As a waste treatment facility, you need to clean, sanitize, and dry large volumes of waste containers for redistribution back to hospitals, which is not always easy.

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Why BE

Better Engineering has worked with medical waste treatment facilities for 25 years, and we understand your needs and challenges better than most. We can offer the proprietary technology needed to ensure the complete sanitization of your containers by FDA standards. We manufacture medical waste sanitization tunnel washers that are customizable and single or multi-stage.

Best Aqueous washer for Medical Waste

To maintain FDA compliance, effective cleaning and sanitizing waste containers is crucial before containers can be placed back in the field for service. As a leading provider, you receive large volumes of containers in various sizes, and you need a sanitization washer that can keep up with your needs.

Conveyor washers: Conveyor washers provide a continuous clean by automatically passing containers in a production line through a tunnel for cleaning, sanitizing, and dry stages. An automated cleaning system can increase productivity and decrease labor costs. Additionally, they are:

  • High volume with a throughput of 200+ containers/hour
  • Single to multi-stage (wash, rinse, dry) with belt widths in 14″, 24″, 36″, 48″, 72″ and larger
  • Made to clean: Rehrig, A-Solution, and custom bins
  • Offer an adjustable guide rail system to accommodate different bin sizes
  • Steam, gas, or electric heat is available
  • Maintenance-friendly design
  • Designed for robot integrationA

Rehrig Containers & Reusable Sharps

Rehrig Containers & Reusable Sharps

Medical Waste Containers & Reusable Sharps

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FAQs about Medical Waste Container SAnitization

Why use an industrial aqueous washer to clean sharps containers? In order to maintain FDA compliance, container contents require proper disposal, and the containers are cleaned and sanitized before being placed back in the field for service. Industrial tunnel washers handle large volumes when sanitizing. Using industrial aqueous washers for medical waste and sanitization reduces labor costs and ensures FDA compliance as the washer can clean in ways that surpass manual cleaning.

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