determine what machine is right for you.

Why Test Parts?

For the last 60 years, Better Engineering has provided high-quality, automated industrial washers with high pressure and ultra-sonic cleaning and sanitizing systems. BE’s industrial aqueous parts washers and sanitizing systems include turntable washers, conveyor washers, immersion and ultra-sonic cleaning systems, and sanitary systems. All systems use environmentally friendly, water-soluble detergents that are tough on grease and effectively clean your parts.
Yet, knowing if your part will be cleaned can be a significant obstacle when determining the best system for your applications. Better Engineering offers free parts testing, giving you an engineer to work specifically on your parts to ensure we can provide the level of cleaning you need.

Our Testing Methods

Just as there are different types of parts and cleaning requirements, we use different tests to determine part cleanliness. Various testing methods include: 

Gravimetric testing

Relies on a final determination of weight as a means of quantifying a particulate substance whose components are being measured. 

Microscopic Analysis

Observation through a microscope to determine the number, size, and quantity of the particles. Particles photographed through the microscope are measured for reporting. 

Dyne Testing

A standard method of assessing the cleanliness of a material’s surface by using a dyne’s fluid. Dyne testing determines the surface energy and measures the surface tension of a liquid. 

Water Break Testing

A method that uses DI water to verify surface part cleanliness. Water beads on a surface that contains oily residues; if the water does not bead then the surface is free of contaminants. 

Better Engineering's Factory Building located in Joppa MD

Join Us!

There is always an open invitation to our customers to come and tour our facility in Joppa, MD. If you are testing parts, we welcome you to spend the day with our test center technicians and test engineers to see how they determine what machine will work best for your application.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes! Send your parts to us, and we will test them free of charge. We at BE understand the stress of finding a provider for your aqueous washer needs and want to make it as easy as possible for our customers. 

Yes! Better Engineering will ship your parts back to you after testing.

Parts testing is not linear. Sometimes we need to go through several trials with different machines or detergents to find the right fit. But, our test engineers are committed to finding a machine that fits your needs. We often build custom machines for our customers with specific needs!

Once your parts arrive at our building, you will be assigned a test technician and a test engineer. On average, it takes ten days to recieve machine recommendations and confirmation that our machines will meet your cleanliness criteria. However, depending on your parts, times may vary. But don't worry; our experts will be in touch every step of the way with updates.

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