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Case Studies

Parts Cleaning Case Studies

Learn how our automatic, aqueous-based systems have resolved parts cleaning challenges in applications throughout various industries. Contact Us to view even more case studies!

RTO Transmission Washer

Transmission Parts Washer – Case Study 21772

Background: This company is a national manufacturer of automotive drivetrain components and systems. Parts Cleaning Challenge: They needed a compact parts cleaning system to clean transmission housings that would integrate
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Conveyor Food Tote Washer C-24

Tote Cleaning for Food Processing Plant – Case Study 22810

Background: This company is a global agricultural cooperative and the leading handler of dried fruits. They use plastic totes to transport the dried fruit throughout the food processing operations. Parts
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Tote Washer C-36 for Food Industry

Tote and Tray Cleaning Food Distribution – Case Study 22851

Background: This company is a nationwide catering and food distribution company. Parts Cleaning Challenge: They needed a system that could handle large volume cleaning of their totes and trays used
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Roll-in Door 70" Diam. Turntable Washer

Spray Washer for Large Castings – Case Study 20700

Background: This 80 year old company (same family/ 4th generation) manufacturers components for industrial hot and cold water circulation systems: pumps, valves, heat exchanges, air removal devices, etc. Parts Cleaning
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Medical Waste Bin Conveyor Washer

Sanitizing Medical Waste Containers – Case Study 21201

Background: This company is a leading company in the waste management and environmental services industry. Parts Cleaning Challenge: To clean and sanitize large volumes of medical waste containers. Solution/System: This
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Sanitary Cosmetic Parts Washer

Sanitization Parts Washer – Case Study 21154

Background: This company is a global cosmetics and personal care products manufacturer. Parts Cleaning Challenge: The filling machines at cosmetic companies have to be torn down and meticulously cleaned on
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Rotor Parts Washer for Helicopter Gear Boxes

Parts Washing System for Helicopter Gear Boxes – Case Study 21319

Background: This company manufactures a wide range of civil and military helicopters. Parts Cleaning Challenge: They needed to clean gear boxes to the most stringent cleaning requirements. Solution/System: The solution was
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Robotically Loaded Dual Door Parts Washer

Parts Washer for Robotic Work Cell – Case Study 22090

Background: This company is a leading, global aerospace manufacturer for both commercial and defense industries. Parts Cleaning Challenge: They needed a parts cleaning system that would integrate with their existing
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