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Better Engineering Case Studies

Better Engineering Case Studies: Parts Cleaning Case Studies

Learn how our automatic, aqueous-based systems have resolved parts cleaning challenges in applications throughout various industries. Contact Us to view even more case studies!

Pallet Washer | Better Engineering

Pallet Washer – Case Study 22570

Background: This company is a leading national warehousing, distribution, and logistics firm. They offer a wide range of services including plastic pallet repair. Parts Cleaning Challenge: They needed an automated
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Mini Conveyor Washer C-6

Spline Shaft Washer – Case Study 21872

Spline Shaft Cleaning Background This company is a leading American manufacturer of automotive electrical components, instrument clusters, power-train systems, and automotive electronic products. Their products are used by major U.S.
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D-24 5-stage drum washer small ammunition cleaning

Small Ammunition Cleaning – Case Study 21130

Background: Small ammunition cleaning is imperative to remove chips and cutting oils in the manufacturing process in order to achieve optimal product safety and reliability. This company is a key
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turntable washer for aerospace cleaning

Precision Cleaning Jet Engine Parts – Case Study 21805

Background This company is a leading American aerospace manufacturer with global service operations. Their aircraft engines are widely used in both civil aviation and military aviation. Jet engine parts cleaning is
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Gas Cylinder Cleaning System RTO-2000-PCS

Parts Cleaning System for Gas Cylinders – Case Study 21734

Cleaning Gas Cylinders w/ Automated Passivation System Background This company is the world’s largest manufacturer of aluminum high-pressure gas cylinders. Their products are used in a wide variety of industries including
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Impulse-80 Long Spray Washer | Better Engineering

Long Spray Washer for Jet Engine Rotors – Case Study 21766

Impulse Wide-80 Background This company is a leading provider of jet engines, components, and integrated systems for commercial and military aircraft. They were looking for a long spray washer to accommodate
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Jet Engine Exhaust Ring Parts Washer F-4000LX-ULT

Jet Engine Exhaust Rings Parts Washer – Case Study 21480

F-4000LX-PCS Parts Washer Background This company specializes in aerospace sheet metal fabrication and design for complex aerospace applications. They are a supplier to the world’s major, leading aircraft and aerospace engine manufacturers.
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Dual Conveyor Tumbling Washer

Fuel Injector Parts Cleaning – Case Study 21780

Background This company is a leading manufacturer of automotive air conditioning and engine cooling components and systems. Part of their manufacturing process requires fuel injector parts cleaning to remove chips
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