Hydraulic Cylinder Washer – Case Study 23393

Hydraulic Cyliner washer machine
Hydraulic Cylinder Parts Washing Machine



This company is an international leader in material handling and a manufacturer of mobile loading/unloading systems. In particular, the company provides material handling solutions for the distribution of bulk materials, pallets, bales, and rolls. Notably, their products are used in various industries, including waste management, recycling, agriculture, aggregates, asphalt, and more. The company was looking for an automatic hydraulic cylinder washer to increase operational efficiency.

Cleaning Challenge

They needed to clean the barrels of various sized hydraulic cylinders from industrial trucks used in the material handling process. As such, they needed a system that would be able to accommodate and clean the various sized cylinders in one machine. In addition, they required a hydraulic cylinder washer that would fit into their existing robotic work cell.


The solution was a return-to-operator hydraulic cylinder washer with a minimum footprint and powered vertical door. Specifically, the system automatically washes and dries one part per cycle. Additionally, a robot loads and unloads the barrels from the same front station.

The overall machine is only 36 inches wide with an IVC of 40 inches. Moreover, the unit processes parts varying in length from 18-37 inches and 3-5 inches in diameter. Custom fixtures accommodate each size barrel and ensure the safety of the part during the cleaning cycles. The robot positions the barrels under a center ID nozzle for ID flushing while fixed nozzles spray the OD for effective, overall cleaning.

Furthermore, the stainless steel system features a 95-gallon recirculated wash tank with a 3 HP vertical, seal-less pump with an output of 45 GPM at 45 PSI. The washer also included the following features:

  • automatic water fill
  • multiple water level sensors
  • emergency low water shut-down
  • automatic oil skimmer
  • micron filtration
  • slide-out filtration basket
  • steam exhaust system
  • insulation,
  • NEMA 12 control panel
  • automatic timers for wash tank
  • palm buttons for manual operation
  • detergent valve
  • Allen Bradley PLC/HMI

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