Center Drop Manifolds

Certain parts require cleaning the inside diameter as well as the outside diameter and that's where a center manifold does the job! Whether it's a powered center drop manifold or a quick disconnect manifold, we can design a cleaning system just right for your parts.

Increased Turntable Diameters

Are you cleaning really LARGE parts? Then we have just the solution with a cleaning system with an increased turntable diameter. Turntable diameters available up to 180 inches.

Sanitization Washers

In the medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries, cleanliness touches us on a personal level. Parts such as mixers, pills slats, and fillers need to be cleaned and sanitized before each new batch. Our engineers are expert at designing fixtures to clean & sanitize various parts to meet such stringent requirements.

Special Wheel Washers

Military jeeps, trucks, and even airplane wheels... we've designed cleaning systems to clean them all!

Increased Height/IVC

Do you need extra height to get your tall parts cleaned? No problem! Turntable cleaning systems are available with increased working heights up to 130 inches!

Gun Parts Washer

The military and large civilian police departments have thousands of guns at their practice ranges. These guns need to be cleaned and kept in top shape. Cleaning each gun by hand is extremely time consuming and virtually impossible during busy times. Most ranges need an automatic parts washing system. Our weapons cleaning system can clean rifles and pistols simultaneously.

Custom Fixturing and Manifolds

Different parts may require a specialized fixture to hold it in place during the cleaning process. Our engineers are expert at designing custom-made fixtures for specific parts.

Powered Vertical Doors

Powered vertical doors are useful in applications where a basket or dolly needs to be rolled in and out of the machine or if the unit will be loaded by a robot. Machines can have one or two powered vertical doors. Doors are powered with pneumatic cylinders.

Custom Turntable Cleaning Systems

For even bigger, taller, heavier, or more specialized applications!

Built Uniquely For You

While Better Engineering has over fifty (50) standard parts washer models, half of the systems we build are modified or completely custom. The standard models and other past technical achievements are the foundation upon which Better Engineering builds great, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.

Applications include:

  • Increased diameters up to 180 inches

  • Increased weight capacities up to 50,000 lbs.

  • Increased height up to 130 inches

  • Powered manifolds

  • Sanitization washers

  • Weapons cleaning

  • Tube washers

  • Customized fixturing


View videos of our Turntable Washers in our Video Gallery.