Custom Turntable Washers for Any Application

Custom Turntable Washers

For even bigger, taller, heavier, or more specialized applications!

Parts Washers Built Uniquely For Your Application

While Better Engineering has over fifty standard parts washer models, half of the systems we build are modified or custom-made. The traditional models and other past technical achievements are the foundation upon which Better Engineering builds great, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem. We design custom turntable washers for various applications: aerospace, space, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, trail and transit, metalworking, metal preparation, and automotive. 

Custom Turntable Design Features

When designing a custom turntable parts washer, we typically use our standard Purifier or Ultima model to make it broader and taller or increase the system’s weight capacity. Moreover, we can make specific features more robust, like expanding the pump size, adding powered/oscillating manifolds, designing custom fixturing, or adding different heat mechanisms like gas or steam. These options are further detailed below:

  • Increased diameters up to 180 inches
  • Increased weight capacities up to 50,000 lbs. 
  • Increased height up to 130 inches
  • Pump upgrades up to 100 HP
  • Powered manifolds 
  • Customized fixturing
  • Gas or steam heath

Additionally, our custom turntable parts washers are ideal for sanitary applications. Better Engineering’s “SAN” batch cleaning systems are specifically designed for the food, pharma, and cosmetic industries. These fully automatic machines are generally built to “clean design principles” and meet virtually all 3-A standards.

All “SAN” cleaning systems have the following features:

  1. A self-cleaning work tank that can fill and empty with each stage
  2. An “open architecture” for full access; there are no hidden areas
  3. An optional holding tank to re-use the wash solution
  4. An optional hot water supply tank if hot water is in short supply
  5. Options for sanitizing with chemistry or heat, and 
  6. PLC control with Ethernet communications and optional data acquisition software.

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