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Our Services

Comprehensive support for all of your cleaning solution needs!

We've got you covered....

BE’s mission is to build and deliver high-end, quality machines engineered to deliver optimal cleaning for any type of parts. We combine quality workmanship that requires attention to detail and a passion for building each machine to the highest standards.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best solutions for your cleaning application and the support and service for continual optimal operation throughout the lifetime of your machine.

Engineering Capabilities

State-of-the-art 3D CAD Designs

Helping solve tough cleaning applications is what we do. We have the highest caliber engineering staff in the industry. Utilizing innovative design software, we are able to build great, unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem.

BE’s crew of project, controls, R&D, and applications engineers are experts in custom machine design and project management. This team is guided by an emphasis on standardization of designs and processes which ensures reliable quality products, and a focus on formal R&D which keeps BE on the cutting edge of cleaning technologies. 

Test Cleaning/Laboratory

We'll Clean Your Parts For FREE!

Not all cleaning applications are the same so we work closely with you to make sure that the system we build for you suits your specific needs. We have a complete Engineering Process Lab and Machine Demonstration Test Center to evaluate your parts and cleaning process in order to develop a system specific for your application.

Engineering Process Lab Capabilities
  • Residual particles… gravimetric testing (total weight)
  • Residual particles… # and size of particles (microscopic observation)
  • Oil/Hydrocarbon detection… dyne testing and black light observation
  • Endoscope for passageways
    Small Apparatus for bench testing
  • Wide variety of detergents
  • Ultra pure water

We feel that seeing is believing and that is why we invite you to visit our plant and test center in Baltimore, MD. Come see your parts get cleaned first-hand. Our demonstration test center includes machinery from each of our machine product lines.

Can’t make it to Maryland? Send your parts and we’ll test clean them for you and return the cleaned parts with a detailed report of our process, the results, and the recommended machinery so you can be confident in making your parts cleaning system decision. Contact Us for additional information or to schedule your FREE parts cleaning test.

Customer Support

Do you have questions? We're here to assist you!

Outstanding customer service is a big reason why Better Engineering has been in business for 60 years. We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations. Our Customer Service staff is here to assist you with determining the proper detergent for your application and machine, ordering replacement parts, and answering trouble-shooting questions. We have highly skilled technicians who can perform onsite preventative maintenance or any field service required on your cleaning system.

Technical and Field Service

Providing service throughout the life of your system.

Our Field Service Technicians are expert at installing new systems, reconditioning existing equipment after years of hard use, and modifying & modernizing existing systems to meet operational growth and change.

  • Installation and start-up assistance
  • Preventative maintenance
    Technical support
  • Field repairs
  • Changing/upgrading system functions