Better Engineering is the leading supplier of automatic parts washing systems to military units around the world, with systems for applications such as:

  • Repairing jeeps, trucks and other Tactical Wheeled Vehicles
  • Jet engine maintenance & repair - shrouds, rotors & stators, nozzle assemblies, HPT turbine blades, etc.
  • Aircraft wheel, brake and landing gear maintenance & repair
  • M16 and other weapons cleaning - small side arms, rifles, gattling guns


BE is the leading supplier of aqueous cleaning systems to the top three jet engine manufacturers (GE, Pratt, and Rolls Royce.)



Military Parts Washing Videos

Industrial Parts Washer for Diesel Engine Blocks

Auto-Truck, Custom Cleaning Systems, Mass-Transit, Military, Repair-Maint

Rotary Drum Washer for Small Ammunition Cleaning

Drum Washers, Metal-Prep, Metal-Work, Military

Parts Cleaning Small Weapons Frames

Conveyor Washers, Military