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When it comes to the military, nothing is more important than having the right parts to get a job done. Military equipment used in combat requires a level of readiness unrivaled in the civilian world. That’s why the military and military contractors choose Better Engineering to build some of the best and most sophisticated parts washers worldwide.

Why BE

At Better Engineering, we have years of experience designing and building state-of-the-art military parts washers. The United States Department of Defense (DOD) knows that only the best will do when it comes to parts washer equipment for its critical componentry. Our parts washers are designed to clean small aerospace parts to massive parts like missile silos. We also offer custom solutions for specialized applications, including ultrasonic cleaning, immersion, and spray washing.

Best Systems for Military Equipment Cleaning

You would be surprised to learn that your military parts washers could fail during an actual mission. The consequences could be disastrous. Our team has spent countless hours designing our military equipment washers so that your team can always depend on them and focus on what matters the most, their mission.

Military Parts Washer Applications

Military equipment performs in some of the most extreme operating conditions. In particular, dirt, grease, mud, sand, and other corrosives impede equipment safety and performance. Hence, the military demands heavy-duty parts washing equipment to meet stringent military standard cleaning requirements and ensure equipment efficacy.
Better Engineering is the leading supplier of automatic parts cleaning systems to all military branches worldwide. As such, our diverse line of machines provides a wide range of cleaning solutions for applications such as:

  • Repair and maintenance of jeeps, trucks, tanks, and other tactical wheeled vehicles (TWV) 
    • diesel engine blocks, transmissions, drive train systems, oil pans, and more
  • Jet engine maintenance and repair
    • shrouds, rotors & stators, nozzle assemblies, HPT turbine blades, etc.
  • Aircraft wheel, brake, and landing gear maintenance & repair
  • M-16 and other weapons cleaning
    • small sidearms, rifles, gattling guns
  • Large weapons systems (missile silos)

Tank Transmissions

heavy duty front load spray washer

Armored Personnel Carriers

Aircraft Wheel Washing

Aircraft wheel washer

Moreover, as a long-standing GSA Contract Holder, BE easily facilitates the military’s acquisition of resources to help lower costs and increase productivity. Furthermore, our aqueous-based systems provide a more sustainable solution than solvent cleaning, making them safer for the equipment, the user, and the environment. Markedly, BE is the leading supplier of aqueous cleaning systems to the top three jet engine manufacturers (GE, Pratt, and Rolls Royce).


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