Conveyor Washers

Standard Widths 14″ – 48″, Custom Belt Sizes, And Custom Fixturing Available.

Conveyor washers that provide quality and flexibility!

Conveyor belt washers are ideal for facilities with high-volume cleaning applications. These machines automatically pass parts in a production line through a tunnel for cleaning stages. Manually cleaning large volumes of parts requires substantial labor, produces inconsistent results, and utilizes an uncontrolled amount of water. Conversely, an automated cleaning system increases productivity, reduces labor and water costs, and provides consistent, repeatable results.

Better Engineering’s Cyberjet line of automated conveyor washers uses environmentally safe aqueous-based detergents to remove stubborn contaminants such as chips, oils, grease, coolants, and more from metal and plastic parts. Significantly, these systems provide quality and flexibility for your specific cleaning application.

The hallmark feature of the Cyberjet conveyor parts washers is the modular construction which allows the customer to extend or otherwise modify the system in the future. BE builds these systems with standard wash, rinse, and dry modules bolted together, not welded. Other stages may be added for additional rinsing, phosphate coating, rust-inhibiting, and sealing.

The spray chambers feature extended drain areas to prevent splash-out and cross-contamination and stainless steel manifolds. BE offers drying modules as well as simple blow-off sections to suit your requirements.

These washers range from single-stage to large, multi-stage systems with standard belt widths in 14″, 24″, 36″, and 48″ and are available with your choice of hinged lids or hinged doors. Custom smaller and larger size systems are also available. Optional features include: various filtration elements, gas or steam heat in lieu of electric, steam exhaust and mist collector systems, special belting and fixtures, and more.

These highly customizable systems are smartly engineered, elegantly designed, and ruggedly constructed to provide you with efficient and effective cleaning results.

Standard conveyor belt washer with 14" wide belt

Model: C-14

  • 14-inch wide belt
  • Easy-lift hinged canopies
  • Single or multi-stage

Models: C-24, C-36, C-48

  • Belt widths of 24″, 36″, or 48″
  • Hinged doors to access spray
    and dry zones
  • Wash stage; rinse and dry stage
Dual conveyor monorail washer for cleaning transmission housings and trays

Custom Systems

  • Increased belt widths up to 72”
    or wider
  • Miniature systems
  • Tote, tray, bin, dunnage washers Monorail washers, and more
tabletop chain conveyor belting

Conveying Options

  • Flat wire belting
  • Plastic belting
  • Chain conveyor
  • Roller conveyor, and more

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