RapidSupport by Better Engineering: Revolutionizing Remote Technical Support

Better Engineering is proud to unveil our latest innovation – RapidSupport- a groundbreaking feature set to redefine how technical support is delivered. RapidSupport represents a significant step forward in remote machine management, allowing us to provide efficient and effective solutions without needing on-site visits.

Technical Support at Your Fingertips

RapidSupport is designed to provide targeted technical support where it matters most. Instead of collecting running parameters or suggesting process changes, RapidSupport’s primary focus is on quick and accurate troubleshooting. This empowers Better Engineering to address machine issues without needing an in-person engineer.

What is RapidSupport?

RapidSupport is a cutting-edge feature developed by Better Engineering to empower our clients with seamless remote technical support. It enables us to access the machine’s program remotely, eliminating the requirement for an on-site technician. Safety and data integrity are of the utmost importance when using RapidSupport. As such, RapidSupport users are equipped with a security key, ensuring access is only granted by those with a key. Overall, with RapidSupport, we can swiftly make changes and troubleshoot parts washers, resulting in increased machine uptime and notable resource savings.

Enhancing Client Experience:

At Better Engineering, we are dedicated to improving our customers’ experience and supporting their sustainability objectives. Through real-time collaboration, we can enhance the efficiency and quality of their production processes. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is exemplified by our RapidSupport feature, which eliminates any inconvenience caused by machine downtime. With secure remote access to the machine’s program, we ensure that your operations continue uninterrupted.

Streamlined Efficiency:

The traditional approach to technical support often involved delays caused by waiting for a technician to arrive on-site. With RapidSupport, we’ve eliminated these delays by enabling our team to access the machine’s program directly. This means that issues can be addressed promptly, and changes can be made efficiently, reducing machine downtime and maximizing productivity.

A Leap Forward in Problem Solving: 

Gone are the days when technical troubleshooting required the shipping of laptops or the presence of engineers on-site. RapidSupport is ushering in a new era of remote machine management. It lets us diagnose and resolve issues directly by accessing the machine’s program remotely. This shift in approach marks a significant advancement, enabling us to provide efficient solutions at a pace that matches the demands of modern business.

How it WOrks

  1. Request Assistance: Contact our support team via phone 800-229-3380 or online using our Contact Us form on BetterEngineering.com. 
  2. Secure Connection: Our engineers establish a secure connection with your system.
  3. Real-time Diagnosis: We diagnose the issue in real-time, sharing insights with you.
  4. Resolution: Working collaboratively, we implement solutions to resolve the problem.
  5. Detailed Report: Receive a comprehensive report, including diagnostic information and solutions applied.


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