Precision Cleaning Systems

Seven upgrades to the Purifier series were combined into a package to meet the most precise cleaning requirements. The result is the Ultima Line (ULT) of precision cleaning systems. The seven upgrades are: stainless steel construction, two integrated tanks, high volume rinsing, drying (optional), deluxe control system, ULT features such as insulation & main fused disconnect, and ULT training/support.


A "ULT" jet washer is the ideal multi-stage, cellular cleaning system. The parts are washed, rinsed and dried in one chamber and in one fully automatic cycle. The average cycle time is just 15-20 minutes. Now you don't have to move your parts from tank to tank to precision cleaning!

High Volume Rinsing

Essential to many applications, the high volume rinse stage can be automatically followed by an optional 3rd low volume rinse stage. Pneumatic "plungers" are choreographed with delay timers to keep these solutions segregated.

Two Tanks, Two Pumps

A ULT system is really two jet washers rolled into one. There are two heated reservoirs, two pumps, etc. The high volume wash stage (100+ GPM) is followed by an equally powerful stage (100+ GPM).

Meets Stringent Cleaning Requirements

Aerospace, medical, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries most comply with the most stringent cleaning standards and the Ultima line helps them meet those requirements.

Stainless Steel Construction

On a ULT system, all wetted parts are type 304 stainless steel: cabinet, pumps, spray nozzles, valves, etc.

Deluxe Control System

A ULT washer has a deluxe control system which is both comprehensive and user friendly. The standard system uses all relay logic and has external timers for each stage (wash, rinse, etc.) With the PCS-22 option, the timers and many of the lights and relays are replaced with an Allen Bradley PanelView 500 PLC with touch screen.

Lifetime Guarantees*

Better Engineering offers Lifetime Guarantees:

      • • Against any welds cracking or leaking. *
      • • On the turntable and its sealed bearing assembly.
      • • Against the door ever jamming.


*Warranty void if leaks caused by corrosion.

Ultima Line Turntable Style Washers

For the ultimate in precision cleaning!

Precision Cleaning Systems

The Ultima line of parts cleaning systems is for customers with the most stringent cleanliness requirements such as aerospace, pharmaceutical, medical, and cosmetic companies.

Seven (7) upgrades were combined into a package such that the package could be incorporated into any Purifier parts washer model. The result is a PURIFIER/ULT SYSTEM, the Ultimate Precision Cleaning System.

Built to the highest industrial standards, this parts washer line has a minimum of 2 holding tanks and can have 5 or more cleaning stages.


View videos of our Turntable Washers in our Video Gallery.


The following features are standard on all Ultima series models.

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Low Water Shut-off
  • Emergency High Back-up Sensors for Both Tanks
  • Automatic Timer for Heat & Skimmer Control
  • Stainless Steel
  • Two Integrated Tanks
  • High Volume Rinsing
  • Drying
  • Oil Skimmer on the Wash Tank
  • Central Control System
  • Full Cabinet Insulation, E-stop
  • Training Assistance


The following features are optional on the Ultima models.

  • Micron Filtration System
  • Fresh Water Rinse
  • "ZXX" Upper Tier Basket
  • Rubber Coating for the Basket(s)
  • The Allen Bradely PLC CompactLogix and HMI
  • Air Drying System (consult dealer)
  • Gas Heat


Better Engineering backs the construction of our Purifier series parts washers with THREE Lifetime Guarantees.


Lifetime Guarantee against any welds cracking or leaking.*
*Warranty void if leaks caused by corrosion.


Lifetime Guarantee on the turntable and its sealed bearing assembly


Lifetime Guarantee against the door ever jamming

Ultima Brochure

A complete brochure detailing the individual cabinet styles, the standard features, the optional features, and specifications for each model in the Purifier series of turntable parts washers.
Click to download the Purifier brochure/specification sheet.

Turntable Model Summary Table

A comparison chart of all the turntable style parts washing systems - Genesis, Purifier, and Ultima lines - including cabinet style, turntable diameter, and working height.