The Ultima line of parts cleaning systems is for customers with the most stringent cleanliness requirements such as aerospace and pharmaceutical companies.

Seven (7) upgrades were combined into a package such that the package could be incorporated into any Purifier parts washer model. The result is a PURIFIER/ULT SYSTEM, the Ultimate Precision Cleaning System.

Built to the highest industrial standards, this parts washer line has a minimum of 2 holding tanks and can have 5 or more cleaning stages.


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• Lifetime Guarantee
• Low Water Shut-off
• Emergency High Back-up Sensors for Both Tanks
• Automatic Timer for Heat & Skimmer Control

• Stainless Steel
• Two Integrated Tanks
• High Volume Rinsing
• Drying

• Oil Skimmer on the Wash Tank
• Central Control System
• Full Cabinet Insulation, E-stop
• Training Assistance

• Micron Filtration System
• Fresh Water Rinse
• "ZX" Upper Tier Basket
• Rubber Coating for the Basket(s)
• The "PLC-22" Allen Bradely "Panelview 550" Processor
• Air Drying System (consult dealer)



  • Lifetime Guarantee against any welds cracking or leaking
  • Lifetime Guarantee on the turntable and its sealed bearing assembly *
  • Lifetime Guarantee against the door ever jamming
  • * Warranty void if leaks caused by corrosion.

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