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Ultima Series

The Ultimate Clean!

The Ultima line of precision cleaning systems is a parts washer designed for industries with the most stringent cleanliness requirements, such as aerospace, space, pharmaceutical, automotive, medical device, and semiconductors. 

The Ultimate Design

The Ultima line is an upgraded version of our Purifier turntable parts. This parts washer includes the following features as standard items:

  • All wetted parts, including the pumps, etc., are grade 304 stainless steel (except all solenoids are brass) 
  • Two high-volume tanks for equally powerful wash and rinse stages 
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC and PanelView Plus 7 HMI, 10” color screen are standard 
  • Water level controls for each tank; monitors three levels (normal, high, and low) 
  • “Full” insulation; cladding is stainless steel and retains a natural stainless steel finish (only discreet items like the control panel are painted) 
  • Highest level control panel – includes a main breaker disconnect, timers for each stage, etc. 
  • The standard electrical configuration is 460V, 3 phase, 60 Hz

This turntable parts washer line has a minimum of 2 holding tanks and can have four or more cleaning stages such as a recirculating wash & rinse, heated DI fresh rinse & heated dry, or any combination thereof. The Ultima turntable parts washer has a unique design with a drastically slopped carriage tray to prevent the puddling of water, which, in turn, mitigates cross-contamination.  

Additionally, these parts washers are highly customizable with a: 

  • Turntable diameter of up to 180’’
  • Working height of up to 120’’
  • Weight capacity up to 15,000 lbs. 


Customers can choose from four cabinet styles of turntable parts washers, similar to our Purifier line: top-loading, front-loading hinged door, front-loading roll-in door, and vertical door. Likewise, to enhance the Ultima’s precision cleaning capability, retractable and oscillating manifolds are available as an option. 

Finally, like all turntable parts washers, Better Engineering backs all infrastructure elements of the machine with three-lifetime guarantees:

  • All the welds are warranted not to crack, fracture, or leak*
  • The turntable and the sealed bearing support assembly are warranted against failure.
  • The doors and lids are warranted never to jam, sag, or twist such as to cause an impediment to proper operation and sealing.
*Warranty void if leaks are caused by corrosion

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