3d Printed Parts Cleaning

Rapid prototyping, additive manufacturing, and 3D printing are all words that refer to the same methods that involve building up complex components and structures by layering materials. To prevent impurities and resins from becoming firmly attached during the post-curing process, they must be removed when manufacturing parts. The technique uses various materials, which presents special challenges for successfully cleaning processed parts. We have created water- and solvent-based procedures and a wide range of cleaning equipment to precisely and safely remove resins and impurities without endangering fragile substrates as the business has grown and diversified.

Ultrasonic Cleaners for 3D Printed Objects

An ultrasonic cleaner is a dependable, secure, and efficient method for removing mold support from the surfaces of a 3D-printed object. Ultrasonic cleaners can speed up the cleaning and finishing processes for parts created through 3D printing. Mold support allows 3D printers to produce complex structures that were previously only possible through casting or machining methods. When the final printed item is finished, ultrasonic cleaners assist wholly and swiftly in removing the mold support. This shortens the time it takes to create the part and have it ready for the following assembly stage or to be shipped to the client. The resin dissolves quickly when the part is placed in ultrasonic cleaning machines with high-alkalinity detergent and hot water. The resin is removed from even the most difficult-to-reach niches, blind holes, and tunnels without manual labor.

Due to the complexity of some 3D-printed components, it is practically necessary to employ ultrasonic cleaners to remove mold support altogether.

Efficiency Matters

In conclusion, immersion parts washers offer unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in 3D-printed parts cleaning. These advanced technologies ensure the thorough removal of contaminants, such as support structures and residues, while preserving the integrity of delicate printed components. By immersing the parts in a controlled environment, manufacturers can achieve pristine cleanliness and enhance the overall quality of their 3D-printed creations. With their time-saving and cost-effective features, immersion parts washers have become indispensable tools for streamlining post-processing operations and accelerating the journey from raw prototype to finished product. Embracing innovative cleaning methods empowers businesses to maximize productivity, optimize results, and unlock the full potential of additive manufacturing in the fast-paced world of modern industry.


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