What is an Immersion Parts Washer?

From the simplest grime to the toughest, the immersion parts washer cleans industrial parts that you cannot clean through manual labor. Components cleaned include pipes, gaskets, hoses, and fittings, washed through full submersion in an aqueous detergent.  

What is immersion cleaning?  

Immersion cleaning is a process that fully submerges your industrial parts. As a result, components get cleaned thoroughly using full submersion, as all crevices and hollows contact the cleaning solution. Immersion parts washers are often preferred when items need to be placed in a basket and for processes that require a long soak to remove all contaminants.  


Better Engineering’s immersion parts washers, or dip-tank parts, are flexible and modular in design. Since some components require multiple stages and specific soaking times, flexibility in your immersion parts washer ensures thorough decontamination and degreasing. BE’s washers offer unparalleled modality and can be heated to clean your parts methodically. This means you can place immersion parts washers side-by-side to form a multi-stage system that is either manual or automatic. In addition to flexibility, Better Engineering also offers a full spectrum of cleaning options, allowing you to wash and rinse and dry. All units are created to your specifications, from stainless steel to promote longevity. In other words, Better Engineering can build virtually any size immersion parts washer and include ultrasonic cleaning technology, stage-to-stage indexing, and even glass windows. 

How it works 

Manual cleaning is best replaced with a more efficient and time-saving method, as it is an outdated, time-intensive cleaning method. An immersion parts washer answers all of your problems and ranges in application from manual to fully automatic. 

Immersion washers get right to work once parts are loaded onto the platform and into the baskets. After loading comes submersion into our heated aqueous-based detergent, where the solution is agitated around the parts. Subsequently, this agitation flushes contaminants and debris out of all the tight spaces on your part. Better Engineering’s unique indexing system takes care of your parts through every step. As a result, your parts are propelled, moving them through each station while allowing for specific soak times for each industrial element. After reaching the final cleaning or rinsing stage, you can opt to have a dryer added for immediate use of your part.  Additionally, BE offers aqueous parts cleaners that efficiently yet gently aid the immersion parts washer in cleaning your components. 

Watch it work.  


Simple yet rugged, the immersion parts washer has a wide variety of applications including, but not limited to:  

  • Carbon, rust, ink, and paint removal 
  • Precision cleaning before welding, deburring, brazing, blasting, assembly, or final packaging 
  • General cleaning for maintenance or rework 
  • Oil and chip removal from machined components 

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