The Stages of Industrial Parts Cleaning & Sanitization

There are three main stages to industrial parts cleaning: washing, rinsing and drying, and the cleaning stages for industrial washers can be just as varied as the parts themselves. As such, you must have resources available about industrial parts cleaning to carefully consider the technologies you want to use to maintain the integrity of your piece.


The first stage of industrial parts cleaning is the washing stage. This stage removes all contaminants, dirt, and grime from your part, accomplished with either an aqueous-based solution through spray or immersion. As the tanks fill with water and detergent, pieces go through the cleaning stage via spray or immersion. Yet, sometimes parts require a combination of both, depending on the components cleaned. After the cleaning cycle finishes, the solution drains away, beginning the next stage of the cleaning cycle. You can have multiple tanks for washing or use the same tank with a fill and refill option, or include a separate holding tank.

Rinse and Sanitize

Second, is the rinsing stage. The rinsing stage is an automatic cycle that removes any leftover residue from the washing stage. This stage typically uses water or a customer-specific solvent. Although you may use another aqueous solution during the rinsing stage, this stage does not clean or remove contaminants as the cleaning stage will have thoroughly done this in the first stage. Additionally, you can add the option of sanitization to this stage. In this stage, a sanitizing agent is injected into the tank, and temperatures will increase to approximately 180 degrees.


The final stage of cleaning is the drying stage. There are three types of drying, steam, unheated, and heat. Unheated drying uses a blower to project air toward your part, removing and remaining liquid. Steam drying is exhausted, and strong air knives sheer off the water with temperatures up to 200 degrees. Similar to steam, heated drying uses high temperatures to evaporate water.

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