Vacuum Drying

Batch Drying Performed In An Air-tight Chamber

Faster, less-harsh, and more energy-efficient than heat drying.

Drying items after wash and rinse cycles are traditionally complex in automated cleaning systems. Conventional drying methods such as high-velocity air blow-off and hot air evaporation cannot always get parts 100% dry, especially if parts contain blind holes, tapped holes, and worm trails. 

Vacuum drying easily removes water from recesses, cavities, and small openings where forced air drying fails. If forced air cannot access these areas, they will remain wet, causing problems for many industries. 

Better Engineering’s Vacuum Dryers are a key solution for industries looking to thoroughly dry parts with recesses, save energy, and increase dry time speeds. Vacuum drying is a complementary technology that, when combined with traditional blow-off methods, offers 100% part dryness, regardless of part intricacies.


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Vacuum Drying Process

During vacuum drying, parts are placed in a sealed chamber, and a vacuum pump lowers the pressure to virtually “0” so that the boiling point of water is lowered close to room temperature. Once pressure reaches zero, water instantly evaporates out of crevices and other recessed areas.

Vacuum drying Benefits

Vacuum drying offers many advantages over other drying techniques alone, in addition to providing complete dryness. 

  • Vacuum driers expedite drying time offering a shorter processing time of 2 minutes.  
  • Vacuum driers are also 65% more energy-efficient than compressed air blowing alone. 
  • Vacuum dryers are a heatless technology, so they are ideal for parts that are heat sensitive, like plastic. 
  • Vacuum drying removes hazards with traditional drying methods by eliminating the risk of operators interacting with heated metal parts. 
  • BE’s vacuum drying machines are modular and are easily added on and retrofitted to previously purchased machines.

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