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Vacuum Drying

Batch Drying Performed In An Air-tight Chamber

Faster, less-harsh, and more energy-efficient than heat drying.

Conventional drying methods such as high velocity air blow-off and hot air evaporation cannot always get parts 100% dry because water is trapped in deep passageways or in crevices.

Vacuum Drying is an excellent, complementary technology to reach “100%” dryness. For vacuum drying, parts are placed in a sealed chamber and a vacuum pump lowers the pressure to virtually “0” such that the boiling point of water is lowered close to room temperature. Water instantly evaporates out of difficult areas.

  • BE’s vacuum dryers are stand-alone systems

  • Can be integrated with conveyor or batch washing systems

  • Cycle times as short as 2 minutes

  • Ideal for difficult and heat-sensitive parts