Monorail Conveyor Parts Washer

Monorail Washer

Another variation of a belt conveyor spray washer is the monorail washer. A monorail washer is also designed for high volume, continuous flow applications; however, this type of parts washer utilizes an overhead trolley system rather than a conveyor belt. Moreover, the overhead trolley system (monorail beam) can be mounted inside the parts washer, or the monorail beam can be mounted externally. 

Multi-Industry System

Better Engineering will design custom hangers/fixtures to hold a comprehensive variety of parts without scratching the part’s surface. Monorail parts washers are commonly used to clean automotive parts before painting, metal stampings, propane cylinders, parts assemblies, consumer appliance parts, and machined components. Therefore, typical process stages may include pre-treatment stages such as spray cleaning, phosphating, rinsing, sealing, and drying.

Better Engineering manufactures monorail washers for various industries like metalworking, metal preparation, automotive, MRO, and general manufacturing.


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