HP-1000 High Pressure Spray Cabinet

• Operator can stand or sit
• 1,000 PSI spray gun
• Turntable for easy part rotation
• Stainless Steel Construction

RTO-2000 - Automatic Shuttle Table

• Fully automatic - powered door, powered shuttle table
• In cycle, table and parts oscillate thru high pressure nozzles
• 50 HP pump, 20 GPM @ 3,000 PSI
High Pressure Washer & Pump

C-16-S2/DH Conveyor Washer

• Fully automatic conveyor washer with wash and dry sections
• Wash section is powered by a 75 HP pump
• Pump pressure is 3,000 PSI

Ultra High Pressure Washers and Pumps

Most spray cleaning applications require high volume, lower pressure pumps. There are, however, some cleaning jobs that can only be achieved with ultra-high pressures and highly targeting nozzles. For these applications, Better Engineering offers a variety of systems with pressures up to 10,000 PSI. Ideal for removing inert substances (silicone, paper, rubber), stubborn soils like carbon, and even for deburring.