PHARMACEUTICAL PARTS WASHERS for Pharma & Biotech Industries


Cleaning and sanitizing pharmaceutical and neutraceutical processing equipment are challenging. Facilities must adhere to the strictest cleanliness requirements to comply with government safety regulations. This includes sanitizing equipment daily to prevent cross-contamination from active ingredients, microbial residue, and other foreign matter. 

Manufacturers must consider the following factors when considering a pharma process parts washer:

  • The equipment and surfaces that need to be cleaned.
  • Length of wash cycle
  • The type of contaminant present. 
  • The choice of detergent. 
  • The temperature used.

Cleaning Validation for Pharmaceutical WASHING SYSTEMS

Get peace of mind in knowing that your items are clean and free from any hazards.

Better Engineering is a leading pharmaceutical process parts washer manufacturer that meets cGMP and ASME BPE standards. Our pharmaceutical-grade washers are full spectrum. They allow you to wash, rinse/sanitize, and dry pill slats, vials, bottles, totes, trays, scoops, filling equipment, buckets, pallets, IBC totes, and other equipment. Additionally, Better Engineering’s pharmaceutical parts washer guarantees repeatable results that can be validated

Automated cleaning and sanitizing pharmaceutical parts washers ensure the safe release of your product through:  

  • Repeatable results 
  • Increased productivity 
  • Lowered labor and operation costs 
  • Restriction of hazards 
  • Prevention of product cross-contamination between batches  

In addition, BE pharma process parts washers provide a more sustainable cleaning solution by offering savings on water, chemistry, and energy. 

Pharmaceutical capsules
Conveyor belt washer for cleaning totes and trays used in food distribution

Better Engineering builds its sanitizing systems to the highest hygienic standards with stainless steel options. Available designs include:

These highly versatile systems optimize production processes and ensure the hygienic cleaning of pharmaceutical processing equipment. 

 All systems feature a self-cleaning work tank that can fill and empty with each stage. They are also designed with an “open architecture” for complete access, ensuring no hidden areas for a more streamlined process. They can incorporate robotic integration, multi-, and adjustable lane options to accommodate various parts sizes and steam, gas, or electric heating.


Pharmaceutical companies adhere to specific processes to provide safe products and improve practices. They need pharma process parts washers that can stand up to the rigorous regulations set by the FDA. 

Better Engineering has worked with leading pharmaceutical companies for the best pharmaceutical parts washer cleaning systems based on customers’ needs. These companies prioritize consumer and product safety. They trust BE to provide hygienic, validatable, and meet all regulatory standards the FDA and GMP set. 

Sanitary Conveyors

Rack Washers

Turntable Washers


Better Engineering’s pharmaceutical parts washers are built to last. Our machines offer the highest quality levels with trackable and repeatable results that don’t change over time. Our research lab can demonstrate the full potential of our washing and sanitizing systems using your containers. Mail us the items you would like cleaned, and we will test them to find the best machine recommendation for you. We guarantee that we’ll find a solution that meets all of your needs– it’s part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.


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BE develops innovative solutions to build critical automated cleaning systems for virtually every industry.

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