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Purifier Series
HEAVY-DUTY Turntable Parts Washers

The central design premise of the Purifier heavy-duty turntable washer line is the ability to perform heavy-duty cleaning. This is the “muscle” line for cleaning the dirtiest parts of the three groups of turntable washers that Better Engineering offers. These heavy-duty turntable washers can incorporate multiple cleaning stages – recirculating wash & rinse, fresh rinse, dry, or a combination thereof. Notable features include:

  • Choose four (4) cabinet styles of parts washers: top-loading, front-loading hinged door, front-loading roll-in door, and vertical door.
  • Easily customizable 
  • Robot load and unload 
  • Rinse and dry stages are optional.
  • Big, vertical (seal-less) pumps up to 100 HP for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Increased weight capacity of up to 50,000 lbs. 
  • Large heated tanks to minimize tank maintenance with 
  • Optional micron filtration or strainer baskets 
  • Sealed cleaning chamber
  • Generous tank access to remove heavy dirt loads
  • Available in either mild steel or stainless steel

BE's Turntable Parts Washer

The namesake feature of these heavy-duty turntable parts washers is the “Purifier” filtration system, which significantly extends the life of the washing solution. After the solution sprays the parts, it flows through a removable filtration basket to the rear of the large solution tank, where most of the sediment collects in a trough for removal. Meanwhile, the automatic oil skimming system, which has a 24/7 timer, continuously removes floating oils.

Turntable Parts Washer Design Features

Turntable spray cabinet for jet engine HPT rotor

The design of the Purifier line of heavy-duty industrial parts washers incorporates features for safe and easy part loading. This is ensured by mounting turntables on a structural beam tied to the ground so that the door bears none of the load, which is especially important for heavy loads for the Space and MRO industries. Thus, the load is never suspended or cantilevered. As a result, this design safeguards against parts falling on the operator when loading or unloading the system.

Additionally, parts are loaded directly on the turntable. Better Engineering’s front-loading hinged door models have 55% of the turntable exposed, allowing the suspension of additional features such as hoist chains or cranes over the center of the turntable. Likewise, the front-loading roll-in door models allow center hoist loading where the turntable center is in front of the door. Similarly, the cabinet on the top-loading models slopes downward, so the loading edge is closer to the ground and turntable surface for easy loading.

These powerful, heavy-duty turntable parts washers clean the dirtiest parts in just minutes by utilizing environmentally safe aqueous-based detergents for more effective, efficient, and sustainable cleaning. Better Engineering backs all infrastructure elements of the machine with three-lifetime guarantees:

  1. All welds are warranted not to crack, fracture, or leak*
  2. The turntable and the sealed bearing support assembly are fail-proof
  3. The doors and lids will never jam, sag, or twist such that it impedes proper operation and sealing 
*Warranty void if leaks are caused by corrosion

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