Preventative Maintenance

Eliminate preventable problems with your parts washing machine by signing up for Better Engineering’s Preventative Maintenance plan.  Preventive maintenance keeps your machine in proper working form, preventing unexpected and costly downtime affecting your productivity and profit.

We've got you covered....

To maximize machine performance and customer satisfaction, Better Engineering offers its customers preventative maintenance plans (PMP). With a PMP, a Better Engineering factory technician will visit your site on a regular basis to thoroughly inspect your parts cleaning system. Customers can have BE inspect the unit on a one time basis only or select a plan frequency of 1-4 times per year. During the PMP visit, the Better Engineering factory technician will check all functions and components of the washer and give the customer an executed check sheet with recommended actions, adjustments, and repairs. 

field service technician working on machine

Preventative Plan Details

Maintenance Plans are available for all BE machine makes and models

-Hours of maintenance will vary depending on the complexity of the unit such as the turntable diameter and a single-stage unit versus a multi-stage unit or conveyor washer.

– Machine usage will also factor into the equation. Does the parts washer clean parts
continuously throughout multiple shifts or sporadically throughout one or more shifts?

– The degree of grease and grime on the parts will also have a bearing on the frequency
of maintenance to keep your machine running at its optimal efficiency.