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Turntable Washers

A turntable style to fit your application!

Whether you need small & powerful, heavy duty cleaning, precision cleaning, or something customized, we have a turntable system for you.

In regards to turntable parts washers, Better Engineering is world renowned. We offer a broad spectrum of systems from wash only washers to heavy-duty systems to multiple spray wash/rinse/dry stage systems in order to accommodate various applications. Better Engineering’s turntable spray parts washing cabinet systems feature:

  • Best Guarantee in the Business
  • Four (4) Product Families
  • Four (4) Cabinet Styles to Choose From
  • Size ranges 27-inch to 180-inch diameter turntables
  • Up to 50,000 lb. capacity
  • All Cabinet Styles Available in Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Gas Heat Option Available

Purifier Series

Choose from 
different cabinet styles!


The main design premise of the Purifier parts washer line is the ability to perform heavy-duty cleaning. Of the three groups of turntable machinery that Better Engineering offers, this is the “muscle” line for cleaning the dirtiest parts.

  • Choose from four (4) cabinet styles of parts washers: top loading; front loading hinged door; front loading roll-in door; vertical door
  • Rinse and dry stages are optional
  • Big, vertical (seal-less) pumps for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Large heated tanks with “Purifier” filtration
  • Generous tank access to remove heavy dirt loads
  • Available in either mild steel or stainless steel
  • “Purifier” Filtration System

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Four Cabinet Styles Available

  • Vertical Seal-less Pumps

  • Chain Drive System

  • Spray Manifolds

  • Central Control System

  • Parts Are Loaded Directly onto Turntable

  • Load is Never Suspended or Cantilevered

  • “ZX” Upper Turntable Basket

  • Fresh Water Rinse

  • Recirculated (separate tank) Fresh Water Rinse

  • Drying Systems

  • Macro Filter

  • Micro Filter

  • Steam Exhaust Systems

  • Oscillating Spray Manifold

  • Water Level Controls

  • Coated Baskets

  • Small Parts Baskets

  • Side Tray

  • Gas Heat