Turntable Washers

A turntable style to fit your application!

Whether you need small & powerful, heavy duty cleaning, precision cleaning, or something customized, we have a turntable washer for you.

Better Engineering’s turntable-style parts washers are powerful spray cabinet washers that tackle the most demanding cleaning applications utilizing environmentally safe aqueous-based detergents. These spray cabinet systems are excellent for automotive, rail, mass transit, aerospace, marine, energy, mining, general manufacturing, re-manufacturing, print, food, pharma, cosmetic, and industrial applications.

We offer a broad spectrum of systems from “wash only” washers to multi-stage systems with spray wash, rinse, and dry stages to accommodate various applications. Our Purifier line of heavy-duty spray washing systems tackles the dirtiest jobs to remove dirt, oils, grease, and grime. Meanwhile, our Ultima precision cleaning systems meet the most stringent cleaning requirements set for aerospace, food, and pharma applications.

Parts are loaded directly on the turntable, which is mounted on a structural beam tied to the ground, so the door bears none of the load and is never suspended or cantilevered. Systems have a jam-proof, chain-driven turntable drive, vertical seal-less pumps, and stainless steel “V” jet spray manifolds and are available in either heavyweight 7GA steel or stainless steel construction. 

Heavy-Duty Turntable Washers Made for All Applications

Better Engineering offers a number of standard turntable washers but can also create custom machines specialized for your parts. Not sure what kind of machine you need? One of our machine specialists will test your parts for free to determine what machine will best suit your needs. 

Better Engineering’s turntable spray parts washing cabinet systems feature:

We understand our customers have varied applications that require different cleaning processes. Our systems have a wide range of optional features, including various filtration elements, heat source options, steam exhaust and mist collector systems, specialized fixtures, and more to ensure the system meets your specific needs.

Whether you need small & powerful, heavy-duty cleaning, precision cleaning, or something customized, we have a turntable washer for you.

Genesis G-2000 cabinet parts washer

Genesis Washers

  • Ideal for smaller repair and work centers
  • Wash-only stage
  • Two models: G-2000 and
F-4000 turntable cabinet parts washer

Purifier Washers

  • For heavy-duty cleaning
  • Wash stage; rinse and dry stage optional
Precision cleaning cabinet washer for aerospace parts

Ultima Washers

  • For the highest possible levels of cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Multiple rinse & dry stages
Extended height cabinet parts washer to clean truck dip stick tubes

Custom Cabinet Washers

  • Unique parts washing systems to solve any particular cleaning problem
  • Increased turntable diameters
  • Increased height and weight capacities
  • Custom fixturing and more

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