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Turntable Washers

A turntable style to fit your application!

Whether you need small & powerful, heavy duty cleaning, precision cleaning, or something customized, we have a turntable washer for you.

In regards to turntable washers, Better Engineering is world renowned. We offer a broad spectrum of systems from “wash only” washers to multi-stage systems with spray wash, rinse, and dry stages in order to accommodate various applications. Our heavy-duty spray washing systems clean the dirtiest parts in just minutes and our precision cleaning systems are built for applications with the most stringent cleanliness requirements.

Better Engineering’s turntable spray parts washing cabinet systems feature:

  • Best Guarantee in the Business
  • Four (4) Product Families
  • Four (4) Cabinet Styles to Choose From
  • Size ranges 27-inch to 180-inch diameter turntables
  • Up to 50,000 lb. capacity
  • All Cabinet Styles Available in Mild Steel or Stainless Steel
  • Gas Heat Option Available

Purifier Series

Choose from 
different cabinet styles!


The main design premise of the Purifier parts washer line is the ability to perform heavy-duty cleaning. Of the three groups of turntable machinery that Better Engineering offers, this is the “muscle” line for cleaning the dirtiest parts.

  • Choose from four (4) cabinet styles of parts washers: top loading; front loading hinged door; front loading roll-in door; vertical door
  • Rinse and dry stages are optional
  • Big, vertical (seal-less) pumps for heavy-duty cleaning
  • Large heated tanks with “Purifier” filtration
  • Generous tank access to remove heavy dirt loads
  • Available in either mild steel or stainless steel
  • “Purifier” Filtration System

  • Lifetime Guarantee

  • Four Cabinet Styles Available

  • Vertical Seal-less Pumps

  • Chain Drive System

  • Spray Manifolds

  • Central Control System

  • Parts Are Loaded Directly onto Turntable

  • Load is Never Suspended or Cantilevered

  • “ZX” Upper Turntable Basket

  • Fresh Water Rinse

  • Recirculated (separate tank) Fresh Water Rinse

  • Drying Systems

  • Macro Filter

  • Micro Filter

  • Steam Exhaust Systems

  • Oscillating Spray Manifold

  • Water Level Controls

  • Coated Baskets

  • Small Parts Baskets

  • Side Tray

  • Gas Heat