Tote Washers

Dunnage, tote, bin, and container cleaning to keep your operations running at peak efficiency.

Industrial parts washers for container and dunnage applications.

Tote, bin, and dunnage cleaning is vital to many industries such as automotive, waste management, food/beverage, medical/pharma, personal care/cosmetic, and more.

Better Engineering’s tote and bin washers clean and sanitize totes, bins, and other containers to remove chips, soluble coolant, dirt, dust, food particles, and other contaminants prevent cross-contamination and reduce harmful pathogens. These washers provide a more sustainable cleaning solution by using environmentally safe aqueous-based detergents to remove stubborn contaminants, making them safer for employees and the environment.

Systems can be designed for manually loaded containers or integrated into an automated process for automatically loaded containers. These washers range from single-stage systems to multi-stage systems with wash, rinse, and dry cycles.

BE understands that these containers come in various shapes and sizes and require special attention to achieve optimal cleaning results. These rugged systems have stainless steel construction and may be designed with different configurations such as multi-lanes, return conveyors, adjustable rails, etc., and in different sizes to accommodate your specific application. Other optional features, including various filtration elements, heat source type (gas, steam, or electric), steam exhaust and mist collecting systems, special fixturing, and more, ensure that the system is built specifically to suit your needs.

We can design and manufacture a cleaning and sanitizing system specifically to fit applications for:

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