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Tote, IBC, bin, vat, buggy, pallet, and dunnage cleaning is vital to many industries such as automotive, food/beverage, medical/pharma, nutraceutical, personal care/cosmetic, waste management, and more.

Better Engineering’s tunnel washer, turntable washer, rack washer, and vat washer are most commonly used to wash, rinse, and dry varieties of totes; however, the part washer design and process are dependent on the industry and application. For instance, the automotive sector will commonly purchase an industrial tunnel washer or monorail washer to clean their dunnage of oil, coolant, chips, and dirt. In contrast, the medical waste industry requires an industrial conveyor parts washer to clean and sanitize their bins and reusable sharps containers.

On the other hand, bins that come into direct contact with food or pharmaceuticals require a hygienic washing and sanitizing system. Our hygienic parts washers generally conform to 3-A machine standards and offer a full range of wash, rinse, dry, and sanitizing options. The unique features of our hygienic wash line include sanitary dry and spray manifolds, sloped floors, continuous inside welding (TIG), and complete access to all areas.

BE understands that these containers come in various shapes and sizes and require special attention to achieve optimal cleaning results. These tote bin washers have stainless steel construction (304, 316, 316L) and may be designed with different configurations such as automated bin flipping, multi-lanes, return conveyors, adjustable rails, etc. Other optional features include various filtration elements, heat source type (gas, steam, or electric), steam exhaust and mist collecting systems, special fixturing, and more to ensure that we build systems specifically to suit your needs.

We can design and manufacture a cleaning and sanitizing system specifically to fit applications for:

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