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Better Engineering is a leading manufacturer of washing and sanitizing equipment for numerous poultry and meat processing facilities. Our poultry processing equipment is used to wash, sanitize, and dry reusable trolleys, gondolas, totes, vats, lugs, bins, and other handled containers. Better Engineering has worked alongside poultry, meat, and beef processing companies that have produced wholesale and retail products for over 60 years. We understand the importance of meeting the most stringent cleanliness requirements and providing contamination traceability to guarantee food safety.

Poultry, Beef, and Meat Processing

Containers and crates must be sanitized and disinfected to prevent the spread of bacteria such as salmonella, commonly plague flocks and handled containers.

Meticulous hygienic processes and dependable levels of cleaning are vital in ensuring that meat and poultry are processed without contaminants that could make consumers ill. Regular daily hygienic procedures and high levels of equipment sanitization are crucial for the industry to ensure optimum food safety. Evolving standards require that reusable lugs, bins, vats, trays, crates, and other handled containers are washed and sanitized regularly to avoid cross-contamination and potential recalls.

With increasingly strict cleanliness guidelines surrounding food processing, Better Engineering’s commercial meat equipment and poultry bulk container washers will bring more value to your business than ever.

Our strength is our ability to assure the highest hygienic standards even in the most demanding environments. We are here to help you solve all of your critical cleaning challenges. Our machines lower the chance of a food safety breach, lower labor costs, ensure product consistency and raise productivity.

Commercial Processing Equipment

Get peace of mind in knowing that your items are clean and free from any hazards.

Meat, beef, and poultry manufacturers face some of the industry’s most complex and challenging work environments. They have rigorous wash-down procedures and must maintain cold temperatures to protect the quality of the product on the production line. 

Facilities are under strict FDA monitoring and regulation, necessitating a rigorous hygiene program. Companies use commercial poultry processing equipment and commercial meat equipment to combat the challenges they face. Both parts washers offer efficient, hand-free options to speed up processes and maintain a clean, sanitary facility and equipment.

Conveyor belt washer for cleaning totes and trays used in food distribution


Our machines comply with and exceed all regulatory Food and Drug Administration safety standards. This includes guidelines created by  FSMAHACCP, and GMP which help ensure your equipment and products are sanitized and sterile. All systems feature a self-cleaning work tank that can fill and empty with each stage and an “open architecture” for complete access (no hidden areas). They can incorporate features such as robotic integration, multi-lane and adjustable lane options to accommodate various part sizes, and choice of heating – steam, gas, or electric.

Sanitary Conveyors

Rack Washers

Turntable Washers


Better Engineering’s sanitization machines are built to last. Our machines offer the highest quality levels with trackable and repeatable results that don’t change over time. Our research lab can demonstrate the full potential of our washing and sanitizing systems using your containers. Mail us the items you would like cleaned, and we will test them to find the best machine recommendation for you. We guarantee that we’ll find a solution that meets all of your needs– it’s part of our commitment to customer satisfaction.


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BE develops innovative solutions to build critical automated cleaning systems for virtually every industry.

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